The Best Red Black Bet Roulette System - Professional ...

Version 1.0.6


Added: Betting on red or black in roulette gives you roulette chips with that you can upgrade the roulette level (more ideas for upgrades are welcome)
Added: Donate Button
Added: More achievements
Added: Copy button in statistics
Added: notification what the roulette rolled when its closed
Added: info how much luck you would get in the convert popup
Added: reset button for golden cards
Added: tab icon
Added: automatically checking for update while the game is running

Fixed: Exploit to get free golden cards

Changed: A Card now gives x2 chip multi for roulette
Changed: Spins needed to unlock autospin 100 -> 50
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Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) Optimization

This might be the dumbest question I've asked yet, but here goes:
If my intent is to dollar-cost-average, let's say $1000 every month into a given stock (or mutual fund, or ETF, or whatever) for forseeable future (let's say 5 years or more), is there an "optimal" way to do this?
For example, the "simplest" way would be to just dump it in on the first Monday (or whatever) of each month...
(... and I know I could further diversify the cost "dilution" or "diversification" effect further by breaking it up into smaller (say 4 * $250) chunks and buying every single Monday...)
... but what I mean by "optimize" is instead buying on fixed / random days, buy ONLY after some trigger event, such as only on days immediately following 2 consecutive days of negative performance of that stock (or mutual fund / ETF / etc...) - OR some variation of this logic...
At first, this sounds like betting on black at the roulette table only after seeing a string of reds, but if I'm bullish on the stock long term (positive slope), and it has historically shown more days of positive returns than negative returns (so right-ward skew from a probability perspective, I guess?), then can't it be said (mathematically) that you can do "better" than simply dumping it in on random days each month...?
Thank you a million in advance, and once again, apologies if this is the dumbest question you've ready today
EDIT: Was completely failing to account for the opportunity cost of "missing" those green days while waiting for the red days. I was far too focused on trying to optimize the outcome of "the day after my investment". Thank you all!
PS - I still would like to know if "the day after" can be optimized given upward slope and right skew, but that might be a question for a math subreddit
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JoJo's Bizarre OC Tournament #5: Round 2 Match 8 - Arpeggi and Agnes Versus Glitch and William

The results are in for Match 6. The winner is…
Player Team, with a score of 83 to Ernie Ford’s 62!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Players 25-5
Quality TIE 24-24 Reasoning
JoJolity Players 24-23 Reasoning
Conduct TEAM 10-10
...“You know what I'm here for!” Effie’s words rang out as Ernie watched on at the unexpected turn of events.
“The funny thing is I really don’t know.” Ernie stood there and took in the scene. Was this the first time he had seen this type of outburst in the District? Ernie tried to recall, but now wasn’t really the time to reminisce on bad memories.
Something was afoot. Something about Ugo threatening them that was for sure. But if Ugo wanted somebody to fight him this would never be his plan of attack. “Would you care to enlighten me then, I wouldn’t mind this either way!” Ernie shouted back, his tone was neutral, the tension of the situation only increased, but he didn’t see a need to fight back even now.
“They sent us here, because they wanted us to steal your notebook!” Ernie heard the voice of Jenny behind a tree.
Things started to make sense to Ernie, the hiding, why it wasn’t Odin’s people doing this, and that outburst. “And what do you two intend to do?” Ernie moved his backpack from his back to carrying it on one arm.
“Well if you help us, you could send them a fake notebook! It’s not like we like those fuckers anyways!” Jenny replied beyond the trees.
Well that wasn’t so difficult was it, it only took one or maybe both of their ire to get to this arrangement. Ernie weighed this against the prospect that they were lying to him, but if it came down to it it would just be either a fight now or a fight later. “Alright I’ll help you! I’ll be in my cabin manuscripting! You two wait outside, this will take less than an hour!” Ernie shouted back over as he started to walk back to his cabin.
“Your funeral..wait what?!” Effie flipped as Jenny clapped an arm on her, “We did it, we can get out of this shitty situation.”
Effie looked around, The Murder receded back into herself. “Did that really just happen?” She held out the hope that it really would be that easy, she wanted to believe it but she felt a slight pang of confusion, guilt maybe?
Jenny continued on, “We just have to make sure that he does his end of the deal and we’ll be out of here in no time.” Jenny looked at Effie’s face as she noticed the change in expression, “You okay there? You let out a bunch just now and if you wanted to talk about it.”
“No I’m ok, come on we have to still keep an eye on him.” Effie brushed Jenny’s arm off and made her way closer into the clearing with Jenny following.
Well, that was somewhat anticlimactic. If you were hoping for a match with some more carnage in it, how about checking out a race out of a monster-filled urn and voting on it?
Sound’s Garden Eastern Strip - Heartache Casino VIP Room
“So kind of you all to come again,” a man dressed garishly in gold spoke to a roomful of wealthy highrollers, a lounge area with a wall taken up by a screen large enough to make the place double as something of a particularly cozy home theater, a setup which had typically been reserved for two things: watching games organized by Heartache Casino’s owner on the closed-circuits of buildings he owned, and being rented out for private parties and banquets.
“This is pretty unconventional,” a dark-haired sniper remarked between drinks, staring at the screen as it showed, largely, several shots of a building in Downtown Los Fortuna, which seemed to have rapidly grown occupied by a small group of Stand Users, some of whom familiar to the district’s regulars after some close shaves in the subways both occupied, “but it’s brilliant… Just needed to get your tech guy to get cameras in there, now you have a huge show for free.”
“Should you be drinking, Seido?” The gold-clad owner asked, raising an eyebrow, “I mean, if something comes up…”
“If something comes up, I’m off-duty, I’m just a guest right now, and I can shoot well enough sloshed to get myself out of a bind. If you wanted me as security, you should’ve hired me for that… Though really, I’d have rather been down there raising some hell if I was gonna shoot things.”
Tigran sighed, finding that fair enough, he supposed… He wasn’t going to hire this man when he was buzzed, and he wouldn’t do guard detail for free either. Apparently, the man literally came to the city walking out of a bar into the flag unveiling, so he shouldn’t have been surprised.
Still, though, even with moods high here, nobody seeming to mind the way anonymous characters like Oh No and Conqueror Worm mingled among them. Sure, they were kind of a low-priority target right now, with protests in the Business district, the hell-on-earth about to be unleashed Downtown keeping their worst nightmares busy, and the usual BS in places like the Waterfront and Industrial, but the man once noted for his supremely smarmy overconfidence had been feeling more anxious lately, probably because the Entertainment District’s criminal underground had taken some losses recently.
Things were riding high with several successful games, and the arrival of Conqueror Worm, revitalizing everything that they had thought they’d known and opening up whole new possibilities of what games might be possible to organize from a place of safety, all while not asking for a penny of payment. He was a weird guy, but a valuable asset, and all that was understood to be asked in return was that they pretend not to know exactly who it was underneath that big fleshy suit.
And then, the next time they had an in-person event, a bunch of them died in a fire, and on the way to… Well, who knew why he was there, but something happened that got a formerly active manager and ‘game’ organizer murdered blocks away from the site of the flames. Was it a sign, then, that the old ways really were dying, that they needed to change with the times or lose this subculture of theirs entirely?
Maybe, and maybe some would leave it like that, but Tigran “Golden” Sins knew another source of common ground with every one of their games to go wrong, to go awry, to risk the future and safety of all that they were, all that they had. Everything (besides that time he got punched in the face) that had gone wrong, from Thutmose leaving them, to events that were supposed to be disastrous bloodbaths going well for the ‘players’ and ruining bets, could trace back somewhere.
And she was sitting there looking very disinterested, nursing a sparkling juice in a very expensive evening dress and earrings, recently bought by the only man in the world he believed to be above himself.
“Having a good time, Metra?” Fox asked the star known to much of the city as TD/MD, smiling smoothly and paying her more attention than the event itself, where he was significantly more public than before. He’d spent how many thousands on her in a few days?
“Sure, yeah,” she answered, with a clear disinterest and foul mood.
“I understand if you’re not… we’re all sorry to have lost Thutmose. Most likely by where he was, whoever killed him would have done the same to us had he not interfered. So he would want you to have a good time, right?”
“Alright, everyone, last calls!” Conqueror Worm called out, many eyes looking all over. After getting back from camera work, he’d volunteered to handle bets, on account of his utter disinterest in profiting from his work there. Damn shame, honestly; Tigran loved that weird golden Stand-hurting sword he’d always been swinging around, and something belonging to a regional founder would be a hell of a get to wear around. “We know all the key players in that little downtown scuffle, so let’s hear it! Who’s biting it? Who’s comin’ out? Who’s gonna have the highest bodycount? Is anyone even gonna get IN?”
That Oh No guy, from the Institute, spoke up through that voice changer he almost always had on in his coverings. “I think that… Three people will manage to find their way inside. Nobody on this betting board.”
“Ooh, bold words from our boldest regular!” Worm leaned in close, asking, “how much’re you puttin’ on that?”
“Nothing,” No responded, “I just want to see what comes of it… I’m almost disappointed you needed to ask.”
Peas in a pod, those two. Tigran sighed, figuring he might need to drink through these proceedings, only to glance at Metra, suddenly, seeming to smirk, ears twitching as if that special pitch of hers had picked something up. “What? What’s so fun now, that-”
The heavily reinforced, hidden doorway to the VIP room burst open, bisecting the hollow yet burly door guard as sand and rocks spilled out of its hollow crevasse, the only herald within seconds of a quintet of Stand Users barreling in, led by a trio on two motorbikes as two others, curious but energetic, followed.
“All that you’ve done ends here, Fox!”
Around the same time, Heartache Casino Public Floors
“Uh… Glitch? I think… it might be good if we… go?” William Eyelash was not liking it here very much. His hyperactive coworker and teammate had practically dragged him here after what was otherwise a simple delivery performed in place of Zebra, who had been busy enough delivering food to the other side of the city. William was the one supposed to carry it out, but Glitch had practically jumped at the opportunity to do so.
Glitch herself, meanwhile, seemed to be very content eating some fries which she (very regrettably) had to actually buy instead of simply snatching it away from a poor, unaware bystander, and had already ordered another plate because they were just that good. Security was too tight, somewhat on edge - the moment she got close to someone or something, they immediately turned their attention to her. Still, she didn’t want to deprive herself of one of the many pleasures of life like that, so she didn’t mind paying too much. “Mmrgh..? Why sho?”
“W- well… you know… uh...” William wasn’t sure how to say it - he was scared enough of Glitch’s erratic mannerisms most days, and that was while he tried to steer clear of her. Were he to directly oppose her, he’d have no way of knowing what she’d do! On top of that, he couldn’t help but notice that she seemed slightly… on edge. She was usually hyperactive, but she seemed to be even more eager to jump from one thing to another recently, and to ignore anything that even slightly stressed her out. Considering everything that happened to the staff at the Elephant Bones recently, it made sense for her to be stressed, even if she didn’t really show it usually. “... um, you know the rumors about this place… right? ”
Glitch turned to look at William, tilting her head “Hm? What rumors?”. “Uh... well… about the ED… and the fighting rings… I saw an article about it on the Hermod, and… i- it could be dangerous to be here for too long...” hearing William say that, Glitch seemed to recede for a bit, thinking to herself. “Mmm... well, it hasn’t been a problem yet! Right? Besides, the other chips haven’t arrived yet!” Glitch didn’t want to think much about it - so long as these fighting rings were away from her, she could just ignore them and go on with her life, but if it really was here, then maybe it would be good to avoid this place… but the fries were so good... Glitch took another look at the table she was sitting at and at the plate of fries she’d ordered. She grabbed a handful and ate them. “Mmm… after the second order of chips comes! Then we leave! But only after then!”
“Alright...” William didn’t like this very much, and he couldn’t help but shoot nervous glances around as Glitch finished up. Just about every staff member here was on edge and uncomfortable - he knew how to notice these things, and it would make sense if this place really was connected to the underground. Ugh… Why did he come along with Glitch? He’d just have to hope that the second order would come soon, and then they’d be able leave just as quickly as they came in.
Naturally, as if fate itself had conspired to screw him over, he couldn’t help but pick up on ‘something’. Guards around the floor peered nervously into their phones, and most of them began rushing towards the stairwell. Glitch had noticed as well, her ears picking up on the nervous murmurings of the guards and their hasty footsteps.
“Uhh… G- Glitch, something’s happening, we should-” “Pleh! Can’t you wait just a second! The chips aren’t here yet! This isn’t-”
Before Glitch could finish her sentence, something flew into the room - the body of a security officer, clearly tossed away by some stand, flew from the entrance to the second floor, and landed right in the middle of a group of more security officers.
“Oh god oh god it’s happening oh no oh no oh no oh-” William was, as expected, positively freaking out by now. Meanwhile, Glitch was keeping her ears peeled out, having picked up on something… interesting. The voice of two people she vaguely recognized from “Taste of Fortuna” a month or so back.
“Hey! That’s Agnes! And that other chef whose food is good! Even better than the chips!! What are they doing here, fighting?!”
Soon enough, Agnes and Arpeggi really did pop into the room, their stands summoned as they staved off some guards with them. Much to William’s chagrin, Glitch grabbed onto his hand and summoned [Vida Loca], before hopping onto it, the massive feline hoisting him onto it as well, before running right towards the source of the commotion…
And right into the footpath of a terrifying giant who seemed to suddenly fall from the ceiling, several eyes along its body looking to them as its head rotated 180 degrees. “Well, wouldn’t you like to know?”
Several minutes earlier, A Few Stories Lower - Sound’s Garden Abandoned Subway
“Are you sure this is the place? Seems pretty fucking trashy to me, honestly…”
“That’s what makes it a secret passage, Agnes… They’re not exactly rolling out the red carpet to tell you how to get there.”
“Ugh, Astronomia wasn’t built for this shit. You’re paying if something gets stuck somewhere.”
“You’ve crashed it how many times this month alone?”
Arpeggi Osso Buco sat in the sidecar of a motorbike driven by one Ananas “Agnes” Bayley, through the abandoned subways of the Eastern strip. He’d meant to take this trip alone, like he had before, but of course, this fucking guy had to be the first on the team to learn that he was a Stand User, an active vigilante, and not only in part responsible for a certain cult’s influence plummeting to nothing in Los Fortuna, but had dedicated himself to making an enemy of the blight of the Entertainment District.
“Fuck it, I’m down.”
“You’re… What?”
“I’m down. Fuck those guys. I don’t even need to ask any more questions, they’re an absolute disgrace to be shown up by a real villain, and if you’re hunting their boss down, I’m with you.”
“You are the last person I would want watching my back in a-”
“Or I can tell Gabanna what you’re doing so soon after getting SHOT last time you tried your luck with these guys.”
“…bastard. Okay, just don’t get in the way.”
Minus a near-scare with RCR’s nightmarish train nearly running them down without noticing, and Arpeggi having to explain at some point that it was both private information from a set of informants and news now publicly printed in multiple sources about the higher-ups of this organization, it had mostly gone smoothly since then.
As they drove closer to the underside of Heartache, Arpeggi signaled for Agnes to stop, noting a destroyed set of hollowed-out mannequins of sorts, smoking and smelling like gunpowder.
“Hell is that?” Agnes asked, looking down, but Arpeggi, in turn, didn’t quite seem surprised. Before he could explain, however, another, distorted voice cut through.
“You’re late.”
The revving of a second motorcycle, a sport bike, had quietly synced with Astronomia, and the pair looked up to see a figure clad in orange and black, winglike scarf drooping upside-down, its rider atop the ceiling of the tunnel.
“You.” Agnes spoke with contempt, despite having never seen the Black Angel in person before, only for them and their bike to drop down right in front of them, flipping in midair to land gracefully.
“You didn’t tell me you were bringing a friend, let alone… Him.” The Angel sounded dubious about Agnes’ presence, adding, “since you took time picking him up, I’ve had to start picking off these weird… hollow doll-guards myself. They almost noticed me in time to signal the boss. I really don’t have the time for this today.”
“Sorry about that, he insisted,” Arpeggi wrote off, not wanting to explain the somewhat unsurprising (“ran into one another while doing their vigilante rounds, got to talking about the ED mainly”) story how he and the Angel met, “and he’s here right now… Say what you like about him, you saw that Being So Normal, I assume. He’ll be an asset.”
“I’ll kick your ass-et,” Agnes grumbled, “fighting them alone my ass. Ugh, teaming up with masked hero types like this… Pisses me off. We should be kicking each other’s asses, Angel.”
“Deal with it,” the Angel wrote off, before adding, “our contacts in there… They said basically everyone we might have any reason to get is on that floor with them, watching Downtown.”
“Right, some madman is acting out there,” Arpeggi noted, folding his arms and looking Westward, “I take it that’s why you’re in a hurry? You want to deal with them quickly and head out there next?”
“You got it,” they answered, “and admittedly, there’s a reason I had to come here first… Something I’m going to prioritize the highest, and if we take too long, I’ll have to leave having only done that.”
“You’ve got a grudge, is that it?” Agnes asked, “you wanna punt some fucker before moving on?”
“That’s… not why I’m targeting him,” The Angel noted, before adding, “that sword the Conqueror Worm always has on him… The ‘Sword of Sir Aurel…’ The future of the city might depend on me getting that Downtown. The contacts say he still has it with him, just like on that stream.”
“You’re pissing me off, pretending you don’t care about just one-upping that bastard,” Agnes chided, adding, “act like you’re ‘heroes of justice’ all you want… I’m doing this because these guys piss me the hell off, and seeing them fall will make me laugh. Do all of us a favor, cut the bullshit, and admit you’re gonna enjoy this, yeah?”
The others didn’t say too much more of note, then, beyond the Angel briefly examining Astronomia, putting something all over it that they claimed would ‘make it maneuver better,’ which Arpeggi had to calm Agnes into accepting, especially considering it meant they could ride up stairs with relative ease.
“Alright, from this secret passage, it’s a straight shot up a few flights of stairs to the VIP room… We should be able to burst it down without ever disrupting all the public patrons and fortifications up on 1F. Hold on tight, you got that?”
The motorbikes revved, then, and the Angel’s led Agnes in seeming to leap into the air, driving up and along the walls of the stairwell, before a long-haired figure emerged from the Angel, aiming something at a metal reinforced door, firing into it a few times, and it shifted in place as Pork Soda rushed towards it, placing a tab on the material before ripping it away, liquid metal blasting in the opposite direction the door would fly and swing at rapid speed, swinging like a deadly projectile and cutting more powerful puppet guards away as the three burst in.
Arpeggi called out, “All that you’ve done ends here, Fox!”
Not long after Arpeggi called that out, Fox himself, of course, was quick to stand, as were a few bold-looking members of the crowd, hurrying towards the fighters with his own accompanying doll-guard, small enough to hold in two hands and, with his large frame, swing like a hammer-thrower, lobbing up towards them and bursting open into a mess of pointed rocks as he drew closer, repelling Arpeggi’s immediate attempts to approach.
The swinging door, embedded with odd screws and still gushing metal soda, began to fly towards him, only for the sound of a rifle to fill the room, a single warping bullet putting out every one of the odd screws and careening it to strike Arpeggi back, sending him flying down the stairwell before either the Angel or Agnes could react.
Seido, sitting at his edge of the bar, finished downing his drink, holding his weapon in one hand and grinning a bit, slurring slightly, “thas’ goin’ on your tab, boss…”
Fox smirked, then, rocks and sand swirling around him and beating back the remaining attackers’ efforts to burst forward. “Let’s not fight up here, gentlemen… I’ve set this place up nice for a very special guest. Take it downstairs. Seido, consider yourself on the clock now.”
Worm, then, seemed to realize the Angel was staring at his movements, diving down into the floor below to the terror of the 1F patrons, and the rider hurriedly cut away from the clash, leaving Agnes to fend for himself against the rocky onslaught of Fox, all while Oh No watched and Seido, quickly, lined up another shot. Even on this upgraded bike, he knew the only response to make there. “Fffuck this!”
Pork Soda reached for Astronomia, a tab appearing on its wheel which, as the Stand weathered rocky blows, it pulled, blasting Agnes back into the stairwell, where he hit the wall with an, “oof!” before hopping off of his ride, which crashed and plummeted down as he abandoned it to slide down the railing, doing a cool combat roll to cover Arpeggi and the Angel as they rolled into the first floor, clearly concerned about what Conqueror Worm being there would mean for the patrons. Fox and others were shortly behind, with a certain exception.
Though nobody could hear it, by Metra Doria’s choice, as soon as Seido had spoken that aloud, she’d kicked up the chair she’d been sulking in all ‘party’ long, a pair of headphones appearing along her neck as a blast of sonic energy kicked it directly into the head of the hitman. Her heart skipped a beat, then, and she muttered under her breath, “shit, that actually worked… I got lucky, huh?”
“Entirely,” Oh No agreed, stepping forth himself and stretching, producing a very large, intimidating revolver from his cloak and beginning, idly, to load it, “but don’t treat that as a failing, TD/MD… You saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you had the instincts to take it.” No closed the chamber, starting leisurely towards the stairs after the rest. “This is getting tiresome, isn’t it? You see it too, how dull this has gotten… What potential they’re wasting here. What do you say we speed along what’s been a long, long time coming?”
“Well, wouldn’t you like to know?”
A golden, shining sword appeared out of the giant’s gross hand, and his presence alone made Glitch want to wretch, the smell of the Conqueror Worm fell, and vibes even more rancid.
“We got two more troublemakers here, eh?” Worm asked her and William with an amused tone, “Hell just broke loose here, and you’re tryin’ to run headlong into it! I like that! I like that drive! So what do ya say? Attacka them!”
Glitch didn’t know this guy, but something about his gleeful nature, the way that William murmured to himself in alarm when he spoke those distorted words, made her hairs stand on end, made her want to hiss and immediately turn her attention to him, and it seemed, then, that Worm could sense this.
“Another one who ain’t a fan, huh?” He shook his head. “Disappointing, but typical.”
At that, he ducked into the floor, before attempting to burst out from underneath and drive his blade up into Vida Loca, barely being scraped before hopping away from the rising attack and meeting it with a sharp, harsh claw, beating back his raw strength with her Stand’s own.
“I don’t know who you are, but you’re really not the kind of bad news that’s any fun!” Glitch called out from atop her mount, pulling off in time to avoid the ambush of a hollowed-out guard and note two others bothering William.
“That guy looks underage… He ain’t allowed to be on a casino floor without ID!” Worm declared with amusement, fully expecting what came next as several of the doll-guards attempted to strong-arm him.
“G-get away… Get away from me!” William was freaking out, then, and fairly fearing for his life, allowed Ocean Eyes to manifest, swinging and spraying acid all around, which bounced uselessly off of Worm’s hide, didn’t so much as drop near Glitch or Vida Loca, and melted away the threats in an instant.
The casino floor was pandemonium then, several high rollers, some random patrons, and of course, every named member fighting, Stands flying. Arpeggi expertly caught rocks tossed by Fox, only for him to still control them even as they were made to burn by NEXT LEVEL 2, though this eroded away much of the sands of his barrier, backed up by Agnes as he very competently kept a rocky barrier up regardless, Metra standing close by, shifting her eyes. The Black Angel tried to drive headlong into Worm, continuing his mess of a situation, while Glitch, mostly, managed to sneak off on her own, trying to find a way to support William and calm him out of whatever this was.
“Don’t move,” a modulated voice behind her said, and she heard something click behind her.
“Mrr?” She turned, then, facing the barrel of Oh No’s revolver head-on.
“This might be a bit loud… But it’s about time this ended.”
Before Glitch could react, No had pulled the trigger twice. Neither shot so much as grazed her, but seemed to hit tables, cameras, walls, ricocheting about in apparent chaos, before finally…
“I… What did…” Blood ran down the organizational ringleader’s outfit, bleeding both from a massive wound to the back of his knee and opening a massive hole in his shoulder, as the rocks he had been flinging around dropped like… Rocks.
Tigran’s voice was the next thing to ring out through the casino, now mostly abandoned bar the combatants.
Fox hadn’t even heard the shots fired, thanks to Metra, let alone noticed their angles; after all, the only one he knew of who could make a shot like that was knocked out and drunk upstairs, not to mention loyal to Tigran’s paychecks.
No twirled his gun around, holstering it and patting the bewildered Glitch on the shoulder. “Thanks for holding still… Didn’t want to hit you and ruin it all, after all. Hmmhmmhmahaha!"
“You… You motherfuckers!” Tigran wanted to cry then, especially as the others drew closer, seeing everyone who had fought against an ally of his here as little more than an enemy. Still, though, facing them off, he had to calm himself.
“Stand down,” Arpeggi demanded, “you’re outnumbered, completely.”
Tigran, rather than giving up, began to speak again. “You know, as the owner of this casino, I know the power of ‘games’. You see, if you call it a ‘gamble’, that sounds so… negative, no? So you call it nothing more than a simple ‘game’. That’s what draws people in. Getting people to play ‘roulette’ is harder, but if you call it a ‘roulette game’ and mask it correctly, it’s so, so, easy… However, the moment the ball is launched, it doesn’t matter, does it? No difference between a ‘gamble’ and a ‘game’... the ‘contract’ is the same - you abandon your money for ‘entertainment’ and for a slim ‘hope’ that you’ll succeed this time and make bank… It’s all thanks to these ‘games’... All of you lot, don’t you think so? Aren’t ‘games’ great? Hell, I’ve got an idea for one we can play right now…”
“Wh- what the hell are you talking about!” Arpeggi shouted out in anger. “I’m not putting up with this shit! You want a ‘game’?! Sure, fine! Here, how about this one - I go up to you, and have fun beating the shit out of you!” rushing towards Tigran, Arpeggi readied a punch and swung towards him - only for his fist to stop in midair, hitting against some kind of invisible barrier. He reeled back from the impact, stumbling backwards, feeling… weak. A look behind him revealed that Agnes, Glitch, William, and even Metra, the Angel, and No seemed to be feeling the same, struggling to remain upright.
“Y- you ‘agreed’... heh…” Tigran’s previously panicked expression quickly faded, replaced by a wide grin. “You agreed to it! You agreed to the ‘game’!” By now, Tigran broke out into uproarious laughter. “Always! They always fall for it, tempted by ‘games’! You… you idiot! I put the answer right in front of you, and you still missed it! ‘Games’, by their very nature, are tricks! Illusions! And my [The Grid] has the power to facilitate that! By agreeing to the game, my [The Grid] forces you to participate! There’s no escape now - you’re trapped in this ‘game’ of mine!”
As he realized he had screwed them all right at the last moment, Arpeggi’s vision began fading, and he fell onto the ground with a thud, blacking out.
???, an hour later, Heartache Casino VIP room
“Alright! Seems like our contestants for the first impromptu match of the day are waking up!”
“Plrrr..?” Out of nowhere, Glitch found herself standing straight, awake, somewhere unfamiliar. She tried to listen to see what was going on, only hearing the groans of William, Agnes, and Arpeggi, indicating that they were in a similar position to her. Of course, there was also that voice - she was… a ‘contestant’. It wasn’t hard to roughly figure out what exactly she was a ‘contestant’ of. She, and...
“...William!” Behind her was a whimpering noise, evidently William, and the sound of droplets of some kind of liquid splashing onto the ground, clearly [Ocean Eyes]’s acid. Ahead of her were Agnes and Arpeggi, talking between themselves about what the hell happened. Arpeggi sounded mad. Agnes… she wasn’t sure how he sounded. But she gathered enough from their conversation to understand that somehow, they were currently inside of a roulette wheel. Or rather, she, and everyone else, was shrunk, and placed into a roulette wheel.
“Now, this match is simple - a deathmatch to see who manages to survive! However, since we’re at the heartache casino… there’s an appropriate twist involved! See, our combatants for today are fighting on a roulette table, and meanwhile, our spectators for today are placing ‘bets’ to see which colors win out! Representing ‘red’, we’ve got our very own ‘Fox’! On black, meanwhile, we’ve got ‘Tigran Sins’, who set this match up!”
She summoned [Vida Loca] besides her, taking a look through the stand’s eyes and seeing the environment for herself. She was dwarfed by the room, trapped inside of this small roulette wheel. There was nowhere to run. William’s whimpers had escalated into sobbing, as [Ocean Eyes] hugged him from behind. Arpeggi and Agnes were arguing by now, shouting at each other. She took a deep breath.
“Now… I won’t keep you waiting any longer, since I just know everyone here’s excited to see what happens! So...”
First, Glitch got tossed into Los Fortuna and found a new home there, with the rest of the staff at the Elephant Bones. Then, they started getting into fights with other stand users - Shelldrake, Effie, Byte, William. She hadn’t been in one yet, but she knew very well the effects of them. Her friends had gotten hurt, some such as Father Blue even dying. Then the situation in the slums got worse, her home becoming less and less safe by the minute, her friends getting extorted and forced to work for ODIN, and now she and William were trapped here.
“Three… Two… One...”
She needed to get out. She needed to fight. She needed to win. She could overhear Agnes and Arpeggi bickering on the other side of the wheel, but knew that they were going to try and fight her and William as well. They had to. They’d been trapped by that man’s stand, and none of them knew what could be done against it, if anything.
[Vida Loca] stood behind her, a constant vibration coming out of it and creating a loud hissing noise that was soon mimicked by [Ocean Eyes], drowning out William’s sobs. She knew full well that, even if he was her friend, William was also a dangerous killer, meek though he might have acted. As hard as that whole situation was to grasp, she understood something else - that the more she stayed near [Ocean Eyes], working alongside it, the safer she was. She and William had to get out of this. And if they wanted to get out of this...
They would have to fight for their lives.
(credit to magistelles for the image, both the censored and uncensored version!(CW: trypophobia))
Location: A roulette wheel in Heartache Casino, upon which players have been forcibly placed.
The map here is roughly similar to the image of the roulette wheel above. The outer brown layer represents the rim, the yellow layer being the wooden slopes down towards the center, the black layer being the numbers, the red layer being the pockets, the next layer being sloped wood up towards the center, and the center being a metal tower.
The map is 30 by 30 meters relative to the players, with the dotted tile being 5 by 5 meters.
The diamonds are the metal bumpers, about half a meter tall, and the blue circle is a weighted metal roulette ball which is a meter tall, both heights relative to the players.
The metal tower in the center is 8 meters tall relative to the players and the outside walls are 5 meters relative to the players. Players can not go past the rim of the roulette wheel.
Goal: RETIRE your opponents!
Additional Information:
There is an invisible barrier keeping the players and their Stands inside the roulette wheel. Everything else will pass through as normal, but the players and their attacks will be blocked by this barrier. The barrier is cylindrical around the entire roulette wheel.
The roulette system is currently automatic, 5 seconds after the ball falls into a pocket or stops moving entirely, it will start rolling again at top speed clockwise. The max speed of the ball is equivalent to B SPD and the ball is A DUR. You can expect it to make around 8 revolutions around the wheel before losing most of its speed if it is unimpeded by the players.
If the ball is destroyed or unable to roll, a new one will be thrown in from outside.
Team Combatant JoJolity
The Graveyard Shift William Eyelash “W-Well, I'll be going now...” You’re being forced to fight, and you don’t want anything to do with this! During the match, try to stay on the backlines as much as possible, assisting from there!
The Graveyard Shift Tiger “Glitch” Ricky "Nowadays, 30,000 yen is gone after you make one or two trips... So all that's left is to make more money, or go flat broke." You are being forced to fight here, and you hate it, so you might as well do something to cause the casino to lose money! Do whatever you can to constantly rig the roulette in favor of odds!
BADD GUYS Arpeggi Osso Buco "Does that alien not know what 'holding back' means?" You were tricked by that asshole, and now you’ve got to fight these two bystanders?! Fuck, this makes you irritated. Destroy as much of the area as possible over the course of your strategy!
BADD GUYS Ananas “Agnes” Bayley "I did say this seemed fun, but I wasn't talking about Cee-lo. I meant that it'd be fun taking your 30,000 yen from you." That girl over there is trying to rig the game, so play the agent of chaos and rig it towards the other end! Do whatever you can to constantly rig the roulette in favor of evens!
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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JoJo's Bizarre OC Tournament #5: Round 2 Match 9 - Anthony “Ani” Oakley Versus Ostro Crudo

The results are in for Match 7. The winner is…
Cabernet “Cab” Sauvignon, with a score of 71 to Admiral Pineapples’ 69!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Masters of the Funky Action 14-16 MFAs took an early popularity lead, but it was closed to the gap of one vote by the conclusion.
Quality Black Hill Estate 23-22 Reasoning
JoJolity Black Hill Estate 24-21 Reasoning
Conduct TEAM 10-10
Obviously, Cab hadn’t been actively antagonizing Pineapples - hell, by his high standards for company, he wasn’t a bad guy - but as he burst out of the Stand-jar ahead of him, even exhausted from fight after fight against the monstrosities inside that thing, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment as he burst from it. He was battered, singed, slightly intoxicated, and smelling like a Champagne vineyard, but he was fully prepared to pound Remix and Jack into the dirt for this indignity, and in fact, one of the two had been right there in front of him as he emerged, returning to his true, full size.
“Y-you..!” Remix stumbled forward, frail frame thrown off by the sudden emergence of an entire body from the urn in his pocket, even moreso as, shortly after, two other older men did the same, each holding back as ‘Red Red Wine’ held the urn aloft in one hand.
“Remix… What a joke you are, nothing under all your masks and disguises. But you know, there’s a part of myself I’ve tried to move on past, forget about too, you know…” Cab narrowed his eyes, contemptful of the scum before him, as the urn, rapidly imbued with ‘Wine,’ began to ignite. “I used to be a real hellraiser too, kid.”
His Stand, then, tossed the flaming jar straight at Remix’s head, and they barely reacted in time to catch it with God Shattering Star’s speed, wincing clearly at the pain and heat. Moreover, as Cab noted, the sight of the flaming urn flying towards him seemed to enrage Remix even further, the other hand flailing wildly.
“What’s the matter, can’t hold your ‘Wine?’ Then I guess I have to be responsible… and cut you off!”
Cab had planned on the fly to overwhelm Remix before he had a chance to set anything up, beginning to wail on him and imbue more of their surroundings with his Stand’s flaming material, taking a punch-rush advantage in the process, but a voice threw him out of that.
“Cabernet, man, your nine-o-clock!”
Pineapples had warned him just in time to see what looked like a fish-person, clad in a suit, rapidly swimming through the air towards him, brandishing an overly-long knife, and as he moved to deflect with his Stand, he felt his arm cut nearly to the bone and swore, doubling back through some suppressing fire from the Starlight Brigade. The new attacker was able to rapidly pull Remix away from this, however.
“NNghh… Nghh..!” Remix stood through his pain, his Stand shattering the Urn against a wall in a rage and smothering its flames, looking to his savior. “Took you long enough to step in! You can be anywhere in this city you want, so how could you be so damnably sluggish?!”
“That voice…” Pineapples was incredulous, then. “You’re… The Jo’s Sushi woman, aren’t you? What the hell are you doing here?”
Kimijo Kaneko was quieter then, before answering, “done with this city… Done with ‘Gravity.’ Going to make it pay, and then be free.”
“You…” Cab winced, clutching his arm. “Are you mad?! I’d read about the sort of things you’ve done, but associating with people like these two, is-”
“These ‘two?’”
That was all the warning, then, that Cab received before, barely grazing him as he dodged, another figure emerged from behind, sending a flying kick his way before rolling beside Jo, both of them striking a pose as Remix regained his composure, but was still too seething to join the fun. The new figure, framed by flames and blood, appeared avian in nature, with a beak, plasticy-looking armor, a Roman helmet of sorts, and thick-rimmed goggles, all the color red.
“No, it’s not just Jack, or Remix, or Jo or her wife, but the Crimson Courage of this city, here to wrench some away from its wretched fate!”
Pineapples, then, spied several other figures approaching, trenchcoat-wearing figures who appeared and disappeared through corners in halls, all while in the distance a brown-haired man watched, observing the scene curiously. As well, Pineapples took in for the first time the environment in which they had emerged. They were outside the entrance hall of a certain building on downtown’s Central Island, a place he had seen while campaigning!
“Los Fortuna’s Natural History Museum..? What are you-?”
Pineapples didn’t have much time to question, however, as the various fighters made a calculated ‘retreat’ out of direct combat, hurrying to secure the building’s many exits in case either Cabernet or Pineapples attempted a rush into the building for one reason or another. So they’re fortifying this place… I can hear sirens approaching. So they mean to have a siege here?
More concerning than the assortment of villains in the area, or an incoming police presence, a quick glance upwards made for a much stranger sight. Dark clouds were concentrated over the area, threatening to let loose a storm at any moment, but still holding for the moment. Through the shadows cast were dozens, perhaps hundreds of shapeless humanoid forms barely able to be focused on. There was nothing to confirm the suspicion, but a gut feeling identified the sight quickly. Ghosts.
“Hahahh… Ghhahahahahahahahah hah!” Remix, clutching himself, spit forth an ugly laugh, taking one of them into himself to bolster his strength as he declared, “yes, spirits, come! Come to heel before your master, and fight gratefully! Fight gratefully for the fact that we’ll deign to reward you in your next life!”
Pineapples knew that this was ugly, that even with his fleet, this situation had just gone from uneven to a potential bloodbath. They needed to get to safety, and fast, but to do so might be…
“Barret,” he declared, “I know you’re still watching, man. I’m in the best fighting shape here, so get Cab away!”
“I don’t normally do pro-bono work,” Barret admitted, leaning against the entrance of the building and dodging a scythe as it came for his head, embedding in the wall, “but what the hell? I’ll send you the bill.”
“What?!” Cab, almost offended, lurched forward, having to dodge a sweeping kick from the red bird and whiffing an attack with his Stand, feeling delirious now from blood loss but fighting for his ego anyway. “Don’t pull this hero stuff right now! I just saw you mourning a piece of your Stand, so don’t be a hypocrite and waste your-”
“You think something like this can sink me?” Folding his arms, Pineapples laughed a hearty laugh. “I’ll be better at cutting a path for myself without you holding me back! So leave now, so I can help fulfill the promise my crew made to Professor Tiffany!”
“You…” Cab grit his teeth. The old man would be stubborn, and thinking for a second, he knew he genuinely would only be holding him back like this. He would have to repeat his feat from before and escape first. “Damned showoffy old man…”
He turned away, then, beginning to book it, seeing a blinding flash and several fascimiles of himself, Pineapples, and the old lawyer filling the halls as he ran by, distracting all who tried to stop them as the pair ran out to the sounds of battle behind them.
Cab blacked out as he stepped into the sunlight, seeing VALKYRIE guards, led by a man who looked like a human cinderblock, rushing towards him and the attorney, as well as a reassuring-looking man who seemed to be directing paramedics personally.
“It’s alright, you’re safe now,” the low, reassuring voice told him as he let himself fall asleep, “my name is Raymond… I’m going to patch you up now, alright? Hang in there.” He called out, then, loudly, “Cavallo, we have survivors coming out of the building!”
And like that, after a record-long holdout, there is no longer a single team with all eight players remaining. Who knows when the last holdout for being even seven members strong will be next? If you’re the type for betting, or not, take time to see a roulette wheel match where an improving vigilante and an Agnes must fight off a tortured killer and a cat in human form.
The Dream Theater is an art studio and living space for one of Midnight Sun’s most strangely inconspicuous employees, known only as ‘Tapir’. The studio itself lives up to its name, filled with trance inducing imagery that can make people feel like they are in a vivid dream. It’s rare and seldom advertised when the studio is open to the public, and even rarer is for ‘Tapir’ to receive guests into the theater.
Hotel Delmano - North Island, Downtown Los Fortuna - Shortly before all the bullshit happening in the district hit critical mass
Ostro Crudo and Peter Bequasimodo looked on at the computer screen while Peter typed. Ostro had asked for Peter’s help with a question he had, regarding Midnight Sun University.
“Did you want me to look all the way into Aaron too?” Peter asked,the screen scrolled across Midnight Sun’s faculty members.
“No that will not be necessary,” after Aaron and Funk worked together, it would be rude to snoop on him. “We are only looking for anybody else that you might think is a Stand user, the more recent the better.” Ostro continued.
“You think they’re going around hiring Stand users or something?” Peter asked, he rapidly double clicked the profile images as they scrolled by. “Some kinda hiring bias… ‘Institutions is the same,’ to paraphrase the landlord comedian.”
“Just a hunch, maybe a wrong one. They have a whole field dedicated to Parapsychological Research and a student population of Stand users from what Cy saw. Would not be surprised, then, if these observations and many breaks they get amounted to ‘preferential treatment.’” Ostro glanced out of the corner of his eye at an androgynous face on one of the profiles, “Hey, scroll back a bit.”
Peter does so, he couldn’t help but feel he was being undersold for his abilities but whatever helped, “That one?” Peter scrolled and clicked on a profile, “Somebody called ‘Tapir’… they got some pseudonym, huh? Makes me think of certain pieces of internet lore about a sand seller and a proboscis monkey that- eh, I can see I’ve lost you.” Peter scrolled through their bio as he and Ostro looked.
“Age: 44, Gender: Undisclosed, Role: Head Researcher on… O-neigh-rology? Uh, don’t know that word, lemme just…” Peter copy pasted that last word into Google.
Oneirology: “The scientific study of dreams”
Peter squinted, “Starting to maybe think they’re just one of the normal faculty members? Even their parapsyche guys look into things that aren’t Stands sometimes, apparently…”
Ostro wasn’t convinced just yet. Some gut feeling, some instinct, told him to dig deeper… And sure, that was the same instinct that put him in the hospital recently, but was that not sign enough that it was a good barometer for trouble to sniff out? “See who else works in that field over there.”
Peter searched the page, and only one result came back up. “Nobody else, closest thing is the school’s huge Sharkboy and Lavagirl fanclub. Ok, yeah, if that’s their only dreams guy, that is a bit weird. What made you want to look at this person in particular though?”
Ostro looked on, “You know, I really could not tell you. It is just… It is hard to articulate, but it is like this person is familiar somehow.”
Peter sighed and closed the laptop, “Look, as much as I’d love to help you explore your hunch, I think we have other important things to also be looking at, like how that Jack Aurel guy is apparently about to Berlin Rosso Capital Island. I’m 100 percent down with investigating that thing on the student body and faculty being weird, but we’ll need more to work off.” The hacktivist rubbed at his neck. “Look, uh, I know the last time someone went out doing Midnight Sun recon for me, they got put in the hospital, but it seems like they keep a lot of stuff pen-and-paper just to keep guys like me out. So if you really wanna figure this out…”
Ostro nodded, “Thanks for the help, and do not worry; this is my hunch, after all. I’ll go look into things myself for now.”
Midnight Sun University Town - Psychological and Cognitive Research Center
Keith and Ani wandered about the campus, Keith wanted to have some bit of leisure time for the both of them and when he was last here looking for information on their new pet he had happened across a flyer for something called the “Dream Theater Exhibit”. While the name wasn’t specific on the details, Keith had elected to take Ani with him to help them both take some much needed time for themselves. Ani didn’t have too much else to do and agreed, thinking that it would be a nice time to talk more with Keith at least.
Keith compared the flyer in his hand to the campus map in front of him, “It should be around here somewhere... Maybe if we double back around we should find it.”
Ani looked over Keith’s shoulder at the flyer at and then back toward the rows of buildings. “Yeah, I think I saw it tucked away between there.” Ani pointed to two of the larger facilities.
Keith squinted and took a look, and they both started to make their way over.
“So… what do you think’s really in there?” Ani asked, turning to Keith.
“Well, since it’s called the ‘Dream Theater Exhibit’... I’d bet it’s related to dreams.” Keith said with a shrug.
“I know that! But what would a ‘Dream Theater’ even be?”
“Hmm… Knowing this place, probably some kind of stand.” Ani didn’t respond to what Keith said, simply thinking about what sort of stand might be in this ”Dream Theater”. The thought of the unknown stand both excited him and made him worry slightly.
Making their way between the two larger buildings to either side, Keith and Ani could see a decently sized two story studio.
“You’re… Keith Moon, right?”
The pair paused, then, confused about the sudden interruption, only to be met by the approach of two figures in aviator hats, one middle-aged looking, clad in a shabby yellow business suit, and wearing glasses, the other looking like an orange, goggle-clad, artsy-looking teenager. The elder, then, spoke again.
“Pardon the interruption…” He said, “but, I’m Theodore Lloyd. I just wanted to talk about some things. I understand you’re quite experienced for your age, on matters… Comparable, to our current conflict.”
“What’s this guy asking about?” Ani asked, confused, tilting his head.
Keith, meanwhile, understood the interruption completely. “You’re asking about the Urban Uprising.”
“You catch on pretty quick… And!” The orange kid said, sounding proud of himself. “We’ve heard that you were also at a certain ‘incident’ at the Institute’s big library… And prone to fortunate misfortunes, no?”
Keith sighed, rubbing at his neck and looking away. “Just my luck, when I’ve been trying to forget about this stuff…” He sighed. Everyone who’d talked to the new head of the College of the Arts had only positive things to say about him. “Yeah, you’re right on all counts there. Some book didn’t go missing or something, did it? If that’s it I pity whoever was there when that librarian found out…”
“It’s confidential,” the yellow-clad thirtysomething said, constantly seeming to glance away from his orange companion, “I have certain security concerns it would be irresponsible of me not to follow up on, so I’d like to talk a bit about what you were doing there that day.”
Keith frowned. He was right in front of their destination, too. He and Ani looked it over, then he noted how important this looked to the professor. “Alright… You go on ahead, Ani.”
“If it’s this pressing, it probably matters more than me being here, and one of us should see Tapir… This is your responsibility, alright?”
Ani, reluctant as he was, nodded, heading off.
With Keith gone, Ani walked on feeling a bit betrayed, looking back at him in the distance getting further away. “He would be back, he told you he’d come back,” Ani tried to psych himself back up mentally as he got closer and closer.
Getting to the door, Ani noticed that a flyer like the one Keith had been holding was taped on it. The door was closed, and it didn’t seem like there was anybody else here yet. Ani gingerly knocked on the door, unsure of what to expect.
“Just a second,” a voice could be heard from inside as the door opened. Ani looked to see a tall androgynous figure in black and white make-up and a glossy black dress looking around then down at him. “Oh my, oh my, hello are you here to see the Dream Theater’s exhibit?”
Ani nodded slowly, slightly apprehensive.
“Are you here alone? You look a bit young to be at a college?”
“Well, you know... I was coming here with a friend of mine, but...”
“They left you here to meet me alone?” The ‘Tapir’ asked, “This wouldn’t be the first time somebody’s done that you know? But I promise, I’m completely harmless.” Their tone tried to reassure him. A short pause later, they spoke up again. “... I was joking, by the way. This would be the first time something like this has happened.” Ani couldn’t tell if Tapir meant for this to be a quick clarification or a joke.
Ani tried to look past them, into the studio, only to see that the paintings there looked to be covered by tarps. “Are you not open yet? It looks liked your exhibits are covered...” Things seemed a bit strange, but there was just the chance that they were only just mildly eccentric.
“Oh, you’re not supposed to see all of them all at the same time, silly~,” Tapir’s tone chastised him, a bit of sing-song in their voice told him that they knew how strange it looked from his perspective. Tapir moved to the edge of the door, and invited Ani inside, “Come on, I can show you what it is if you are really curious.”
“Well, I did come to see the exhibit...” Ani looked back on Keith still in the distance, talking with somebody else. “Alright, let’s go.” Ani tried to put on a brave face as he walked inside.
“Excellent.” Tapir closed the door behind them, “Don’t worry, you’ll see why once I show you the exhibit.”
The studio seemed fairly normal, but Ani’s cautious apprehension never left. He looked around the studio, seeing tarped paintings and a small living space in a room beyond. However, everything seemed to change the moment Tapir took off one of the tarps with a flourish.
A painting of various intensities and shades of black was unveiled, a black fog that seemed to draw him deeper and deeper around the painting.
All of a sudden, Ani felt as though he wasn’t in the same room - he was in a void, a place behind his eyes, and a screen in front of him showed him what his eyes should have been seeing. “You see what I mean now?” Tapir’s voice echoed within his mind, he wasn’t hearing it with his ears, at least it didn’t register as such. “Don’t worry this is just where you go before you start dreaming, just relax and let the dream take you.”
Ani’s dream was strange, or at least the parts that he could remember. Something about Jackie eating the moon, following trails of ants, and walking with the rest of his team.
Tapir had just placed the tarp over the painting, “How long was that?” Ani wondered out loud.
“Only about 12 hours~,” their tone indicated they were joking, but Ani looked around to double check. “Would you believe me if I said around 30 seconds?” Ani found the clock on the wall, it had indeed been not that long.
“The brain is a very complex thing when it comes to processing time, especially in dreams.” Tapir continued, “The basic gist is, things are only as fast as your mind wants you to perceive them.”
Another knock came at the door. Ani lit up, hoping that it was Keith and to tell him what exactly he just experienced. But to his disappointment as Tapir opened the door, Ani saw a dark haired man he didn’t recognize at the doorway.
“Hello, hello,” Tapir invited Ostro, who stood just outside the door.
“Are you Professor Tapir?” Ostro found himself slightly surprised to have to look up a bit to get eye contact.
Tapir nodded, “If there’s something you wanted to know about feel free to ask.”
Ostro stepped inside, “Well first off I wanted to ask, have we met before?” It took awhile to get here, but it was like he knew the path before he got here.
“Hm... maybe in a dream?” Tapir gave a small grin, “I don’t believe I’ve met you in person.”
Ostro and Ani couldn’t tell if Tapir was joking. Even with what Ani had gone through, he found it hard to believe.
“I’ll go get you some tea so we can talk,” Tapir said, before they walked into the other room.
Ostro looked at the tarped paintings as Ani shuffled around looking around the room and occasionally glancing at Ostro.
“Uh..?” Ani piped up as Ostro turned to face him.
“Pardon me, but what is this exhibit exactly?” Ostro asked. Ostro inched closer to the largest painting.
“You probably shouldn’t remove the tarp.” Ani lightly suggested, not wanting to experience what he did before so soon and not wanting to betray Tapir’s implied trust. “They have a weird effect when you look at them.”
Ostro kept looking around the tarp, intrigued now. “Weird in what way?” This Tapir could very well be a Stand user if his hunch was correct.
“Meow?” A cat poked its head out from under the bottom of the tarp.
Before they could react, the tarp fell off the painting as the cat scampered out. Ani moved to catch it but it was too late, the mesmerizing effect of a glossy neon image, dazzling white mixed with blotches of vibrant colors that melded seamlessly, pulled them both in.
Ostro and Ani found themselves where Ani was earlier. The screen of their vision this time flickered in and out, their eyes blinked rapidly involuntarily.
Tapir came in front of their field of view, “Oh no, you weren’t supposed to see that one this early. That one’s the most intense one.”
Ostro tried to summon his stand to help but to no avail. He wanted to speak but his mouth couldn’t move even though he could feel it completely.
“Sorry, but you are going to have to get out of there manually, unless you want to be dreaming for 12 hours. Don’t worry, I’ll send you some help.” Tapir pulled out a strange wooden dog whistle and blew.
Shuffling around Ani and Ostro’s legs could be felt as they looked down and saw a dog sized elephant shrew(?) nudging them.
“One of my spirit animals can guide you through, once you fall into the dreamscape he can show you the way to get out quickly. He’ll also let you have your full range of senses back too.”
The world shifted around them, they found themselves in a room similar to the Dream Theater with muddled details, the elephant shrew was still there.
Ostro pinched himself and winched. He and Ani then tried to summon their respective stands, relieved to find them working properly again.
The shrew stood just out the door as a strangely inhuman voice rang in their head.
Location: The dreamscape, a world within your dreams and everybody else’s dreams. Starting off in the Dream Theater in the write up, players have exited the door to find themselves in the first new location.
There will be four locations that you will both go through in order to get out, each of them have a specific exit condition for the players to leave.
The second and fourth locations are impossible terrain fusions of different areas. These areas are effectively checkerboard mixed areas and things can be split down the middle, so you could see half of a building were it to otherwise overlap with the other landscape. Each tile so to speak here is 10 by 10 meters. These maps are pseudorandom where the players can imagine what lies around them within the constraints given by the description.
Similarly any object or place you think you could find in whatever area you may ask if you can find it from the judges, and objects can be taken with you when you move onto the next sequence. Judges may also reserve the right to say how difficult an object may be to find or how long it would take if it is relatively rare or unlikely.
As for the sequences, they will be covered in the additional information section.
Goal: Complete the sequences to get out of the dreamscape before your opponent does!
Additional Information:
Players have all their inventory still on them, including all of Ani’s ants.
All NPCs here can be affected by Ostro’s stand.
Each section of the dreamscape has something you must do in order to leave and potentially some conditions that may be applied to players. The list of dreamscapes and the conditions necessary to leave it is:
First: a busy city strip crowded with people. The entire main streets, Broadway and Seventh Avenue, have people heading left along the map down these streets. The rest of the place is fairly devoid of people. The people here will only walk to the left, but will still react to stimulus and as such can be jolted, pushed, attacked etc. Players start at the left side of the map, where the Pink “7” Circle is. The full map is around 80 by 200 meters.
  • In order to leave, the players must exit through the end of one of the main streets on the right side of the map.
Second: A melded beach and forest with a person trapped under a tree, a person stuck 20 meters up a tree, a person drowning in a 10 by 10 meter ocean. These three are 30 meters away from where the players first spawn in and are all equidistant to each other. The paths to each are blocked by overgrowth, trees, sand and bodies of water in about equal amounts. There are also 5 one meter long giant ants wandering in a circle separate from each other around 10 meters away from the starting location. These ants can be controlled by Ani without needing to force them into the UFO as long as he or his stand can get to them.
  • In order to leave, the players must rescue one of the three people here to move on. Getting them to safety or out of their precarious situation alive will count. The people here will generally cooperate with you trying to help them.
Third: A dimly lit long school hallway with 25 doors on either side. The area is 100 meters long and 10 meters wide with each door on either side being 4 meters apart. There are unlocked lockers all along the walls with whatever you might expect from a school locker and 5 security guards patrolling around in circles for each 20 meter area. Security guards have flat 3 physicals, a 2 in Awareness to Disruptions, and a flashlight each. The security guards will move to inspect fast moving shadows and noises but will otherwise continue their routes as normal once their suspicions go down. Security Guards can be stunned/damaged, but will not permanently go down. If they suffer enough damage, they’ll just be asleep for 30 seconds before waking back up. If the security sees one of the giant ants, they will rush over with a can of bug spray to kill them.
  • In order to leave, the players must open all the doors and look into all of the classrooms, and the last door they open will be the exit to the last section. The security will be patrolling around, and if you get caught and touched by them you will be sent back to the beginning of the hallway, but your progress on the doors won’t reset.
Fourth: A melded fish market and construction site, similar to Ani’s and Ostro’s Round 1 matches. Shadowy Gray or Yellow shaded facsimiles of people you know, people you trust are going to come out and attack you here, each of them only have flat 3 physicals and no other skills. There will be 5 of these facsimiles out at any given time near each player and once one goes down a new one will take its place. Around the map, you can also find some fairly spread out as well, you should be able to find one every 10 or so meters.
  • In order to leave, the players will have to defeat 20 facsimiles that match their team color, and once that is done they will have made it out of the dreamscape.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Underground Exodus Anthony “Ani” Oakley "There are no children in this amusement park, but I keep hearing a baby crying." While the world seems so surreal, the people here seem so lifeless in a strange way. Interact with the people of this place in as many different ways as you can!
Baker Street Rat Pack Ostro Crudo "What a relief. A dead dog isn't scary if it's just a dream." This place is just your imagination, you have to remind yourself of that. Interact with the people of this place in as many different ways as you can!
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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Wirecard is a gambling machine now. +128% intraday
This stock is going fucking insane. Wirecard itself did some huge accounting fraud for two fucking billion euro and just fell into insolvency a few days ago.
The stock plummet from 104€ (~117 USD) to 1€ (~1.13$) within a week. Traders lost fucking millions.
But the management decided to continue business as usual, despite the bankruptcy. In my opinion this gives traders hope. Enough hope to see 130% gains this morning.
But the share is extremely volatile and a real shit show. It's like apes throwing their shit at each other.

What's your opinion on wirecard? Do you put some money into it? It's literally roulette right now, betting on red or black. I'm gonna yolo a few thousand bucks into it, but not more than I can afford to lose.
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At the Holy Grail Casino, you gamble with a lot more than money

"King-high diamond flush," I said boldly as I laid my cards out on the table.
Despite my strong hand, my heart still thumped in my chest as I waited for the only other player in the hand to reveal his cards. Although my odds of winning were good, I was nervous. If my opponent had the ace...
"Ace-high diamond flush," my train of thought was disrupted and heart my sank. My opponent had the goddamn ace.
Unlike any other time I had played Texas Hold 'Em at a casino, I had no idea what to expect. See, I wasn't at a normal casino. I was at the Holy Grail Casino, where one does not gamble with money.
My opponent had wagered a finger, and I thought that that had been some colloquial way of making a small bet. Just as we frequently say "an arm and a leg" figuratively for an exorbitant cost, I thought that 'finger' was being used in the same context. I was proven brutally wrong when the dealer, without a hint of emotion, pulled a large knife out from some concealed location and chopped my pinky finger off.
I screamed, both in pain and disbelief. I had been expecting the most intense gambling experience of a life time, but I hadn't imagined anything of this magnitude.
I had finally found a form of gambling even I balked at.
I'll come clean and say it, I'm a compulsive gambler. I've had an enduring fixation on Lady Luck as early as I can remember. As a child, I loved making bets - even small and petty ones - with my peers.
When I was eighteen, and had my first job, I squandered a bigger portion of my very first paycheck than I care to admit on scratch-off lottery tickets.
With my addictive proclivities, I ignored the glaring net financial loss that this incurred, instead gravitating to the mere twenty dollars I did win with those tickets.
Now you can tell me that my gambling winnings are heavily outweighed by my losses over the years, and you'd be right. It's a stubborn fact that cannot be truthfully denied.
But it didn't matter to me. I was addicted to gambling. I was always convinced that the big, life-changing win I needed was right around the corner. It is this lifelong habit that has not only brought about a life of financial strain, but which, I fear, has brought about my imminent appointment with my own mortality.
You see, my gambling problem reached its zenith last year after I cajoled one of my poker friends, Dallas, into taking me to a secretive and high-stakes casino that he frequently spoke of, and this is as good a place as any to begin telling what happened.
"So, is this the night you're finally going to accede and tell me more about the mythical 'high stakes venue' you claim to frequent, Mr. Big Shot?" I asked my friend Dallas.
Dallas was a pro at gambling. At least, he swept the floor with the competition nine times out of ten and the backroom card games we frequented.
Dallas groaned loudly in the passager seat.
"Come on bro," I said doggedly, "you can't just set something up on a pedestal like this and not expect someone to persist."
"I don't know man. This isn't kitty shit. This is the big leagues." Dallas answered.
"I'm not a lightweight." I objected.
"No...but this is way more than anything we'd ever bet back there," he said, referring to our backroom games, one of which we had just left.
"This is the real shit. Hard-fucking-core. This is the most hardcore gambling around." Dallas continued.
"Like what, Russian Roulette?" I joked.
"Nah man." Dallas said cryptically.
"Look man, I give you rides to these games every week. You owe me." I was getting seriously annoyed at his reticence.
"Fine," Dallas groaned, exasperated.
I couldn't believe it. I had actually worn him down!
"But I'm warning you. This is serious shit." Dallas said sternly.
"I want to go." I said firmly.
Dallas reached into his wallet and handed me a medallion.
Upon inspection, I saw one side was affixed with the design of an ornate, bejeweled chalice with the words 'Holy Grail Casino' written above it. On the other side, written in elegant calligraphy was the phrase 'omnem marmora' - "all the marbles" in Latin.
This certainly bore the look of a ritzy and exclusionary place. I had a feeling I'd either win the jackpot of jackpots or end up homeless on the street. The reality would prove much worse than the latter.
Dallas was looking at me oddly, almost as if he was worried. But he could tell he wasn't going to be able to talk me out of it. I still hate him for his acquiescence to my pestering.
"When can we go?" I asked excitedly.
"I was planning to go tomorrow-," Dallas started.
"When I should I pick you up?" I interrupted.
"That's...not how we get there." Dallas answered.
"What-," I started, but it was Dallas' turn to interrupt.
"When you go to bed tomorrow night, write your full name on a piece of paper, then put it and the medallion in your pocket when you go to sleep."
I looked at him incredulously. Had he been fucking with me this whole time?
"Look...just trust me. Either do it or don't, but that's how you get there." Dallas said matter-of-factly.
I looked silently at the road as we neared the place where Dallas lived. Dallas seemed to be pensively looking out the window, as if he was debating whether or not he should have give me the medallion.
I dropped Dallas off without a word and raced home. I don't know why I was such a hurry - I guess I wanted to start waiting for tomorrow night as soon as possible.
After a torturous day of waiting, the next night finally came. Remembering Dallas' instructions, I wrote my full name on a slip of paper and placed it, along with the medallion, in the pockets of my sweatpants that I was wearing to bed for that purpose.
I could have sworn that I had heard my name being chanted as I drifted off to sleep, but the authenticity of those sounds is still ambiguous. What is not ambiguous is the fact that, shortly after falling asleep, I found myself in an opulent red-carpeted casino.
I was in a lobby of sorts, at least I think that's what it was. I was in a large, marble room with Greco-Roman style columns flanking a plush red carpet that led to two magnificent ebony doors, which boasted intricately carved ivory handles.
As I was soaking in the amazing luxurious sight, a man in a suit briskly approached me.
"You can't go to the floor dressed like that!" He admonished me, pointing to my sweatpants and white t-shirt.
"I'm sorry-," I began sluggishly, a bit confused by everything. Was I honestly expected to go to bed in a suit in order to gamble here?
"No worries sir," the man had a rather upper class accent, "we will get you outfitted here free of charge."
A short while later I was sporting a fine burgundy suit, a white dress shirt, and black loafers, and being led by the casino worker back to those grandiose doors. He stopped in front of them, held one of the doors open, and ushered me in.
"Enjoy your stay sir," he said as he closed the door behind me.
I took in the even more impressive sight that was the gambling floor. I stood at the top of a red-carpeted staircase with gilded railing, looking down at a large room. On the far end, the words 'Holy Grail Casino' were displayed prominently on the wall, illuminated by spotlights.
Like the lobby, a red carpet ran through the center, bisecting the impressive layout of games and tables. Interestingly, there didn't appear to be any slot machines- there seemed to be exclusively traditional games. Poker tables, blackjack tables, roulette wheels, and craps tables I all recognized.
Finally, I descended the stairs. The patrons and staff paid me little attention as I set foot on the floor. I briefly scanned the floor for Dallas but saw no saw no sign of him.
I shrugged and decided to jump into the games. All around me, finely dressed patrons were engrossed in their games, and others stood to the side, nursing cocktail glasses or puffing on cigars.
I had never had much of an affinity for roulette or craps, and I avoided blackjack like the plague (it's definitely rigged for the house). Accordingly, I quickly settled on poker.
After eyeing several tables I settled on a table occupied by just one patron - an uninterested old man in a black suit.
"Can I join here?" I asked.
The dealer replied affirmatively.
I sat down and noticed there were no chips in sight. I thought it had been odd that I hadn't received any, but I had just figured they would be given at the table. Curious, I asked.
"First time?" The dealer raised an eyebrow.
The old man sighed, annoyed. What the hell? Shouldn't a patron at such a purportedly high-stakes venue be eager to have fresh meat?
"Well, the rules state that one's first game is one round of betting only." The dealer said in a monotone voice. No wonder old man was annoyed.
I nodded and sat down.
"But the chips-," I began to inquire.
"We don't use 'em here." The old man spoke for the first time.
Before I ask what we did use, the old man placed what would apparently be the sole bet of this hand: a finger.
Had I heard him right? He couldn't actually mean-
"Bet is one finger." The dealer said, interrupting my thoughts.
As I stated in the beginning, I assumed that 'a finger' was being used in the same figurative context that one often uses the term 'an arm and a leg.' I called the bet.
The cards were dealt, and I felt confident as I laid out the King-high flush I spoke of in the beginning. But then came the old man's ace-high flush, and then came the chop.
I screamed. To my shock, none of the other patrons even looked up from their games at the sound of my screams and the chop. Was this an ordinary occurrence?
Before I could get up from the table, the dealer also procured some sort of ointment and quickly dabbed some on the nub where my finger had been. The bleeding instantly stopped, and the pain eased, but I was having none of it. I got up from the table and began to run back to the doors. This was too much. I had to get out of here.
I heard a despaired howl coming from the direction of the roulette wheels as I made it back to the center of the floor, but didn't dare look back at the source. I stepped onto the carpet and set for the stairs when I nearly collided with Dallas.
"Hey you made it!" He said. "Oooh tough break with the finger," he indicated my hand.
"How have you never lost anything?!" I asked pointedly, barely resisting the urge to shake his shoulders.
"Well I have," Dallas smirked.
"You-you have all your digits." I sputtered.
"Well that's cause I won them back." He said.
"You can win them back?!" I was in disbelief.
"Of course, they'll reattach it if you win one."
I should have just cut my losses. I shouldn't have been swayed by temptation. But if you know the rabbit hole that is gambling, you'll know how much people put themselves in the hole vainly trying to win back a negligible loss, all the while turning that negligible loss into something substantial.
I was still weighing my options (stay or quit while still ahead) when a booming voice disrupted my deliberation.
"Attention floor! We have a class ten loser! Death!"
He couldn't actually mean-
Before I could make any kind of move, the patrons become a mob, and the wave people pushed Dallas and I to the center with them.
A man, who I noticed was already missing an arm, was on his knees sobbing. An emotionless casino dealer stood before him, holding a sword.
"Everyone c-cut y-your loss-losses," the man stuttered through sobs.
Before he could say anything else, the sobs were cut off by the slice of the sword, and the poor man's head hit the floor and tumbled, landing at my feet.
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Current Bot Thread Up and Running! Use !rolldice, !flipcoin (heads or tails), !slots, and our newest feature still being worked on !roulette. The instructions for using !roulette will be in the description

In order to play roulette, you need to type !roulette and the next word must be one of the following: black, red, even, odd, or any number between one and 36. This will be what you are betting on to win. I am thinking of giving each user some kind of virtual balance of fake currency for the bot, but thats an idea that would have to come out in a while. I don't know about the rest of the numbers, but I do know number 36 isn't giving a win message. Hopefully, I will be able to resolve this soon. Anyways, enjoy!
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[Q] Gambling, Martingale, and Teleportation Machines

My question is more a theory about gambling, specifically roulette, and the make things easier let's remove the greens from the equation, so just for this thought we'll say the wheel only has two options, black, and red.
Each individual spin has the same statistical chance to land on red or black, 50\50, right?
Gambler's fallacy tells us that some individuals fall prey to the belief that "past observations impact future outcomes" Example, if you see the wheel spin twice black in a row, you may think the chances it spins red next time is increased, however it remains the same, 50\50 every single spin.
The Martingale System of betting, is where you double your bet each loss, so that when you finally "hit" you win back all previous losses + 1 betting unit.
I say all of this to ask, if you had a magical time machine, that could teleport you to ANY casino across the world, specifically to any roulette wheel, and allow you to place a bet, however the door to the time machine ONLY unlocked after there had been either 10+ reds in a row, or 10+ blacks in a row, and you would be betting on ONLY the 11th+ spin and onward, at these casinos.
Do you think you would find that your win rate would budge at all from the 50% W\L rate if you're ONLY making bets after an "anomaly" of 10+ red\black spins in a row have occured?
I know the odds are always 50\50, I get that, however if you spin the wheel 1,000,000,000 times, or whatever it may be, there should be some level of "error" however there has to be limits? Thigns should generally speaking, within some level of error, be "about 50\50, right?
Things should regress to the mean over time shouldn't they? IF we spin the wheel and it somehow lands on red 50+ times in a row, we KNOW that it will be black at some point, because 50% of the wheel is black, so aren't we moving closer and closer, on the "timeline" towards a guaranteed black spin? making it theoretically "more likely"?
In our betting scenario where we are ONLY betting after 10+ red or blacks in a row, aren't we being opportunistic, to the spins "regressing" to the mean, because we know that it must return back to the rough average at some point? we know that it is IMPOSSIBLE for the streak to continue, it MUST be broken, and therefore we are getting closer and closer to our win each spin.
Am I way off base here?
Thanks for any contribution!
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At the Holy Grail Casino, you gamble with a lot more than money. Part 2/Final

Part 1:
My jaw dropped open and I took several short-circuited breaths as the head stopped just shy of my feet.
Honestly, I'm surprised I didn't scream or vomit. Next to me, Dallas was completely unfazed.
I had to get out of here. To hell with my finger, this was too much. I turned to leave, pushing my way through the crowd of people.
Nobody tried to stop me. Dallas didn't seem to react to my attempted departure either.
As I made it through the crowd, and began sprinting towards the exit, I heard a loud, deafening sound. The sound of a clock striking the next hour. A cacophony of excited murmurs ensued behind me as I made it to the unyielding doors.
"Let me out! I need to get out of here!" I banged desperately on the doors.
"You can't. Not right now." I heard Dallas say behind me.
"Why not?" I asked frantically, turning to face him.
"The Masters of the Casino are here. Gambling is compulsory until they leave."
"No," I weakly sobbed.
"You may as well try to win your finger back," Dallas said gently. "I'm going to play some poker. Care to join my table?"
I didn't want to play poker. I really didn't. While it was typically my game of choice, the present circumstances were far from typical. I was no longer protected by the one-bet-only rule now that I had played my first hand, and I knew that, with all the successive betting, my predicament could quickly get out of control if I played poker.
"No thanks man. I think I'll find a different game."
Dallas nodded.
I sighed, and, regaining my composure, descended the stairs. All around me, patrons were engaged in the now mandatory games - no longer was anyone leisurely sipping a cocktail or enjoying a cigar.
The only ones not gambling were the four entities in the middle of the floor. As I walked along the carpet, I got a better look at them. They were utterly terrifying, devoid of any discernable trace of humanity. At least, what little of them I could see was.
They were clad in identical, elegant robes, with their faces concealed by cowls. Inside those cowls, yellow eyes stared back at me. And while their lower extremities were completely concealed by their robes, inhuman, twisted hands protruded from their sleeves. They were gray and looked to be of an organic material, but in shape they resembled tree branches more than hands.
"Play." One of them hissed icily at me.
I quickly nodded, terrified, and settled on roulette. Even though I had shunned it earlier, I now felt it to be my safest option. For one thing, I could control the betting. I wouldn't have to contend with any extreme bets from the other patrons, and I could bide my time until this involuntary gambling ended.
I approached a wheel, nodding at the gaunt casino worker there.
"Your bet sir?" He asked calmly.
"A finger." I said hesitantly.
As the man nodded, I realized what luck this was. This roulette wheel had no numbers! I literally had a 50-50 shot of winning back my digits and being whole again. I had never heard of such a wheel, but I wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.
"Black please." I said to the man.
"One finger on black," the man said as he set the game in motion.
I watched tensely as the ball rounded and slowed. Red. My heart sank.
More pain ensued as the man, much like that first dealer, removed my ring finger.
I cried out and fell to my knees. I struggled to get back up in between pained sobs. Gambling was still mandatory, and I did not want to anger those foul beings. I would just keep betting on black at the roulette wheel. Eventually I'd be whole again. It only took one win after all.
"Two fingers on black." I placed my bet.
"Very good sir." The Casino man said.
Red again. God fucking dammit.
More blinding pain. A pitiful, weak voice of mine bet four fingers through clenched teeth. Black.
It landed on black! Sweet merciful Jesus I was whole again!
Fascinated, I watched as the man procured four fingers from his coat pocket and somehow reattached them.
I gratefully rubbed my regenerated flesh as I left the wheel. If I could just blend in with the crowd until the Masters left, I would be in the clear. I could leave with my body whole and never return to this godforsaken place.
But I wouldn't get so lucky. After about ten minutes of attempting to be a wallflower, I was spotted by a poker dealer. I was clearly guilty of idling, and he knew it. I had two choices, he said. Play at his table or answer to the Masters.
I chose the former, and, as I sat down at the table, realized Dallas was there. And he was missing a hand.
It was just Dallas and one other when I joined, and this three player game quickly escalated. It was clear that this hand was all or nothing. Horrible as it was to be pitted against my friend, it was him or me. And damn straight I was choosing myself.
Soon, the betting had led to us all having, literally, our necks on the line. Somehow, I had ended up having my head on the line. Losing was not an option. It was no option for any of the three of us, but I was determined to win. But so was Dallas. And in his steadfast desire to live, he showed depths of depravity I would have never deemed him capable of.
"I'm upping the stakes. Death by immolation," Dallas proclaimed as the turn (for those who don't know, that's the fourth card in Texas Hold Em) was revealed.
I couldn't believe it, but the dealer blandly restated the bet as if nothing of note had happened.
"What the fuck Dallas?!" I screamed, completely shaken. "Death is already on the line!"
"I don't want to die buddy." Dallas said. "And I don't want you to die either. But, barring the unlikely event of a tie, two of us - and therefore you or I - will die after this hand. But there are many ways to die, and decapitation is much better than burning to death. If your cards are shit you need to seriously consider it. I feel pretty confident about my hand. How about you?"
I was terrified, both at Dallas' villainous monologue and the terrifying prospects that I faced. My nerves nearly failed. I very nearly folded and took the easy death (if you fold you forfeit what you have previously bet - in this case my head), but I called the bet with a quivering voice.
My nerves were apparently stronger than the third player. He sobbed at his dilemma before folding. Poor bastard. He was taken away from the table to be beheaded as the dealer prepared to reveal the river (the final card).
I braced myself. There were a couple things of note out of the four cards: three spades (possible flush for Dallas if he had two spades) and a ten. The ten was of note because I had two tens. Three of a kind would lose to a flush, but four of a kind would prevail and save my life.
After great inner suspense, the last card was revealed. I couldn't believe it! It was the ten! I was saved. My luck had saved me when it mattered the most.
"There's not much more to wager Dallas. I check." I said.
"Up to the Gods then? Fine." Dallas said, showing me a flush.
"Sorry Dallas. Four tens." I revealed my hand.
Dallas was shaking, hyperventilating even. I was too. I took no joy in my own survival. I was sorry then, and I still am.
I was sorry as I, along with many other spectators, watched Dallas get bound and set on fire. It should have been me there. I had hounded him incessantly into inviting me to the damn place. His agonized screams, and the smell of his burning flesh, will stay with me until the day I die - which probably won't be long.
As Dallas entered his death throes, the clock-like sound struck again - apparently signifying the end of the mandatory gambling period. We were free to leave. I was free to leave.
Dejected at the horrors I witnessed, and profoundly guilty at the hand I had in my friend's death, I began to mozy towards the exit - only to be stopped by some unseen force.
As many of the patrons filed out, the telekinetic force that had me in its grasp spun me around. I gasped. I was staring right at the Masters, and even though their faces were hidden, it was clear that they were angry with me.
"You...didn't play." One said accusingly.
My heart thumped rapidly as I said that I had played, and asked that I please be allowed to leave now.
"You didn't for a few minutes." Another one responded.
Shit. I was fucked.
"The Master Die." The first one said.
I watched in horror as on of them procured a large die and rolled it. By the looks of it, nothing nice was in store for me. I suppose the best description of the die I can offer is to say that it's similar to the one Bowser rolls if you land on his space in Mario Party 6.
But I digress. The die landed and my knees went weak.
"Fifty years of your life is forfeit as punishment." The Masters chimed. "Of course, feel free to try to win them back later."
I was sobbing. I was begging. But they were unmoved as they freed me from their supernatural grip. The next thing I remember is passing out on the red carpet, and waking up in my own bed.
I wanted to write it off as a bad dream so desperately, but I couldn't. First of all, I was dressed in the suit I had worn while gambling. My sweatpants and shirt were gone. Bad as that was, there was something much worse. Something that absolutely confirmed the worst.
Dallas had died under perplexing and seemingly downright impossible circumstances. There was no fire in his apartment, and nothing else was burned, yet his mysteriously charred corpse was discovered in his bed. Of course, I know why his corpse was charred. But I'm probably the only one.
But worst of all, I know my time is very limited. I don't know just how long I have, but it can't be long. I lost 50 years of life to those creatures. I'm 35 and still alive, so I would have lived to be at least 85. But how long after 85 would I have had? Maybe I'll die tomorrow, or the day after, or next year.
Or, if I'm lucky, maybe I'll have another 10 plus years. I'm living life knowing that every day could likely be my last. Loathe as I am to do so, I know my only hope is to go back to that awful Casino and win back my 50 years. I still have the medallion, and time is of essence. But I'm so afraid of going back there.
I'd better make a decision, lest I die without making peace.
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Billionaire Casino Advice?

So I’m on day 11. I’m about 80% to level 146. But it’s been very slow since day 7. I’m in a platinum 3 club. The club payouts seem pretty solid. I’ve mostly been doing roulette since about level 65. But it really seems rigged. If I bet 5 million on black and 5 million on red, I get constant greens. If I go 4.5 black, 4.5 red and .5 on both greens, green never comes up and it slowly drains the millions out of my stash.
I feel like for the amount of time I’ve invested, I want to buy the $6.99 chip pack and hope for the best. But with how slow it’s going and how quickly the money is getting drained out of my account, it almost seems like the 800,000,000 chips won’t be enough.
Any advice from folks who have succeeded or attempted and failed?
The SB payout would be 4000. So I’d still be up considerably. But I don’t wanna spend that $6.99 for nothing.
Thanks folks.
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How to get a 3mo membership and 6k ACs with a $4.99 in-app purchase (using Artix rewards with AdGate)

I did this myself yesterday and today, it was very easy and I figure that it might help some people. The rewards system used to earn Artix Points for free was recently revamped. Rather than using a variety of different providers, it uses just AdGate now. I should mention that I have an iPhone and I'm not sure if this offer shows up for Android users, but it should only take a second to check.
Login to your Artix account, go to the 'Get Points' tab, and click 'Earn Points.' Answer the questions and indicate that you own a smartphone, then go to the upper left corner, set the category to apps, and the order to high to low. Look for the Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire offer that rewards 6,400 points for getting to 100k power, click on it and follow the instructions to install the app.
Once you're inside the game and done with the tutorial (it's okay if you're overwhelmed) you're going to want to build -- I would suggest building ~10 quarries and ~5 of each other resource building. Follow the quests the game gives you, don't be afraid to spend your gold on resources if you run out. Once you've got a good amount of resources, start building and leveling barracks. Barracks let you train more troops at once at the training ground, and your goal is to build a lot of siege engines there. You can also research traps at the university and build some at your wall, though I only built troops.
Your goal is to get to 19k power; once you have that, click the spinning gold coin and purchase the train troops faster package for $4.99. You should really wait until you have the required power to do so; troops are expensive to build in terms of food and also require food to be upkept, so you don't want to do it too early. The package has a timer that counts down from like 15 minutes, but ignore that because it'll be back. This package gives you troops worth 81k power or so.. once you buy it you should wait a few seconds, close the app, reopen it, and check your Artix account for 6,400 points.
Once you have the points you can buy the 3mo membership + 6k AC package for 5,000 points. It's totally possible to do this for free as well (you can search online for 'FFXV 100k power' and see other guides), but I'd never played a city builder game like this before and there was a 14 day time limit so I didn't want to mess up. You can get 19k power in like 4-5 hours of play spread out over a day. If it takes you more than a day to do this, BE SURE to click the dove icon and use a 24-hour barrier to prevent yourself from going under attack. You can get more barriers by building 10 of a single building (10 farms, quarries, barracks, etc.) but you shouldn't need many.

Feel free to ask if you need any advice or have any questions about this. It's not the easiest game to play, and I already left some stuff out of this guide (joining a guild and fighting monsters with your hero, for example) but if you put effort into it you can definitely get 19k power easily. There's a lot of other good offers too (the Vegas Casino & Slots: Slottist offer that requires you to get level 30 can be done in an hour if you buy ten lottery tickets for $0.99 then bet 125k each on red and black in roulette 50 or so times; $0.99 for 2400 points), though not all of them pay out on time, which is a risk you have to be aware of.
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[Today] Betfair Casino TopCashback £30 profit Guaranteed, potentially £80+

ref | non-ref Use referral link for £5 bonus cashback
Topcashback is currently offering £100 cashback for New VIP Casino customers who deposit and wager £70
Simply open/set up a new Betfair VIP casino account, deposit and wager £70. Guaranteed £30 profit when the cashback comes through, though it may take some time for the cashback to become payable (Possibly months).
It should/is possible to to make more than the Guaranteed £30 by wagering the £70 as optimally as possible then withdrawing it. Im not in a position to say exactly what the best method would be because all the wagering terms arn't viewable so i will offer some examples bellow. Please remember these arn't guaranteed just average and are luck dependent you could lose the entire £70.
Slots return between 90-96% so with average luck if you wagered the £70 on slots you could return £60+ making a total of £90 profit Or lose it all.
Also roulette might be an option betting red or black you cant bet both to meet the wagering requirements stated in the terms. Im not 100% sure on the math on this one so research will be required But remember you could lose all your £70.
Please Gamble safely and when the fun stops stop, Don't chase your loses Begambleaware
Stay safe
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Casino Tips And Tricks For Various Games

Learning a few casino tips and tricks would perhaps come in handy for maintaining a winning streak at the casino. The unpredictable nature of casino games is no secret. Whereas you can win handsome amounts, losing a bet would be just as common. Therefore, some effective tips and strategies with respect to various games could come in handy. Although they do not guarantee success, they can always assure a better position in the game.
Some Of The Casino Tips And Tricks For The Game Of Keno Would Include The Following:
* You need to group the numbers provided to you and play way tickets.
* Always remember to claim the prize money on completion of each game.
* Odds wise, Keno may not be one of the preferable choices for a player. The house would retain as much as 28 percent of your earnings.
For craps, some of these tricks could perhaps come in handy.
* The COME bets should be made with double odds.
* Double odds should bet with PASS line.
* For the COME bets, you need to out roll bets E and C.
* Remember to refrain from betting BIG 6, HARDWAYS, FIELD, BIG 8, or any of the single roll bets.
Video Poker
Casino tips and tricks for video poker would include the following:
* Always remember to retain a winning hand. Never throw it away.
* 9/6 machines should be preferred over others.
* For a bonus poker or a progressive poker game, you could prefer playing on 8/5 machines.
* Avoid playing on 6/5 machines.
* Playing maximum coins is the way to go.
Slot Machines
* Before you start off, find out which machine exactly has the best return pay off. A return of 97.4 percent or more should be ideally adhered to.
* Unless you are playing a progressive game, steer clear from free coin machines when indulging in slot games.
* Playing nickel slots is a bad idea.
* Playing with maximum coins is a great option.
* You should always play on machines with double up symbols.
* It is always better to play on one payline, three reel, and two coin slot machines.
For the Baccarat, the best strategy would be to plan your bets properly. For example, for a single bet of the player hand, you would have to bet the banker hand a couple of times.
Roulette is one of the most highly favored games indulged in at the casino.
The following casino tips and tricks can prove suitable in ensuring a good game.
* Believe in swift bets. Enter the game, make money, and exit.
* Time may not be on your side in a game of roulette. Play for about five minutes on red or black or odd or even.
* Instead of betting on straight up numbers, you should bet on splits.
* You need to bet the first, second, and third 12 in columns or square groups.
Adhering to some of these practical strategies would help master the game better.
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HUUUGE Casino / Billionaire Casino - Easy 5000 SB each

Both of these games are the same, by the same company. You can do both offers, and if you haven't completed these offers previously, I highly recommend nabbing this easy $100.
If you want to complete easily, play Slots until lv 65. At level 65, you'll need about 200-300m chips to hit 150. You can either gamble for the chips, or buy them with money. Ideally, you'll hit a moderate or large jackpot around 65-70 or so to give you a good chip boost. Note: if you purchase chips with money, the amount you get from your offer depends on your current level. Your first purchase is also considerably larger than subsequent purchase offers, so keep that in mind as well.
If you want to go the 100% pure free route, pray you win a decent jackpot at the 60+ level range. Usually playing the 1m slots will eventually nab you a 100-200m payout. They give away chips on their Facebook page daily. Joining a high ranking active club can also net you a tidy sum of chips. My advice is if you are utterly broke on chips and don't want to insert coin, use the free daily FB chips, the club chips, the free chips from the 15m timer, and the shop chips. Accumulate about 30-40m, then sit and play some 1m slots of your choice. I heard Wizard of Oz and Sky Gods are both decent payers.
After you have enough chips, sit at the Roulette table for 10m. Make sure to sit at a private table (hold down the table button to select a Private Table) so it goes quicker. Bet 5m black and 5m red. Repeat (use the Rebet function) until you are the desired level. You will lose 5% of the time, but you're playing to tie and regain your 10m bet rather than outright win. You'll also gain some chips by leveling, and every level after 80 will result in a 5 min 2x XP buff which will accumulate, since it takes less than 5 minutes to level.
Getting to 150/160 takes about 6-8 hours. Getting to 200 will take you 20-24 or so. If you are doing lv 200, I highly suggest saving your bronze Lottery Tickets for when you need a break. There's a 24hr 2x XP buff in those that you can win. Also, Lottery Ticket prizes increase in amount depending on your current level. Don't use them early!
I finished both HUUUUGE and Billionarie in a day each.
Good luck!
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[Question] I ran a simulation on the Martingale system, and I didn't like what I got back.

I ran a quick simulation on the Martingale system, wrote up a script so I could prove to someone that it's not an actual method to making money on a roulette table, or blackjack, or any gamble.
Though, when I ran my script I got unexpected values.
The goal of the simulation was to double your money. I ran two sets of simulation, each of which are using a different method.
Some Rules:
The roulette table is the following function.
function roll() { // .. generate a random number between -1 and 36 const seed = Math.floor(Math.random() * 38) - 1; if (seed <= 0) return { colour: "green", multiplier: 14 }; return { colour: seed % 2 == 0 ? "black" : "red", multiplier: 2 } } 
Method 1. The Martingale System
Doubling your bet every time you fail to chase your losses.
Method 2. The "There Is No System" System
Making one big bet, and leaving.
The outcomes are as follows.
Method 1. The Martingale System - 31.20% of simulations doubled their money.
Method 2. The "There Is No System" System - 47.53% of simulations doubled their money.
I had expected to see similar success results between both systems, but did not.
Can anyone explain why the Martingale system saw more losses? Could it have just been an error in my code, or is this a true outcome for the Martingale system?

I decided to also graph some of the Martingale trials.
Trial 1 | Trial 2 | Trial 3
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TIFU by trying to get easy money on a casino website because I'm poor now I'm even more poor.

Hey guys this happened 15 minutes ago.
So I did this before and it worked, the thing is you have to do it on good casinos, not scam ones.
I found this casino called "casinomia" I wanted to use their 100% cash bonus, so I went there deposited 50€ ( I wanted to deposit 100€ thank god I didn't ) because I'm low on cash.
They gave a 50€ bonus and keeped my 50€ with they called "Real Money".
So I went and played some roulette bet on Red then on Black, it's a tecnic to get easy money if you are pacient, the thing is I start to notice that my real money keeps going down and my bonus money always stays on 50€, that means I'm always betting my real money first then my bonus one.
On a normal casino they bet you Bonus first then your Real One, So I tried to witdraw my 50€ and suprise Suprise it says that I have to use all of my bonus money first to widraw.
My question is how I'm I going to use my bonus money to widraw my real money if my real money gets spent first?
I tried they 24/7 chat and this happened ( Warning kinda Long and stupid):
Hi, nice to see you here. How can I help you?
Rafael 21:54 Hello my real balance keeps going down but my bonus balance always stays 50, no matter how much I win or lose I can't widraw E bet 50€ my real balance went down and my bonus stayed the same
📷 Alina 21:56 Please, speicify your question
Rafael 21:56 Where can I use my bonus balance?
📷 Alina 21:57 When you loose your own balance, you can ise yoir bonus balance
Rafael 21:58 I can't widraw my real balance because I always have bonus balance
📷 Alina 21:58 Checking You should wager your first deposit bonus fiesrt deposit bonus €50.00 wager required €2,500.00 amount wagered €21.00
Rafael 22:01 I can't wager my deposit bonus because I can't use it It always uses my real money I can't use the bonus all the games use my real money first
📷 Alina 22:02 You cn use bonus money when you lost your real one
Rafael 22:02 I don't want to lose my real one I want to lose the bonus so i can widraw the real one
📷 Alina 22:03 Firt you use your real mony and then bonus one There is no otherway
Rafael 22:04 I want my money back please I don't want to play on your casino I wan't a full refund
📷 Alina 22:04 You activated the bonus, we cannot cancel it Wager it
Rafael 22:04 Yes you can I cant wager it because i still have real money I want a refund
📷 Alina 22:05 You can ply with bonus money
Rafael 22:05 I can't if I have real money
📷 Alina 22:05 We cannot make a refund now
Rafael 22:05 Yes you can I wan't a refund right now full refund
📷 Alina 22:05 Wager your bonus and that is all
Rafael 22:06 I can't wager it it uses my real money first
📷 Alina 22:06 You can use your bnus money
Rafael 22:06 How ?
📷 Alina 22:08 Loose your real money and then you will be able to use bonus money
Rafael 22:08 Read carrefully please, I DONT WANT TO LOSE MY REAL MONEY I want to widraw it I wan't a refund
📷 Alina 22:09 You have an active bonus
Rafael 22:09 I don't want it
📷 Alina 22:09 You should wager it
Rafael 22:09 I wan't the amount I paid I you let me widraw Ill deposit more
📷 Alina 22:09 f you do not want a bonus, you do not need to activate it. I can no longer cancel it
Rafael 22:10 Yes you can Cancel it please
📷 Alina 22:10 I cannot
Rafael 22:10 I work in your area I know you can I wan't a refund It's not hard just process the refund
📷 Alina 22:10 I have replied you
📷 Alina 22:10 We cannot make refund
Rafael 22:10 I want a refund
📷 Alina 22:11 If you didn't have bonus, no problem
Rafael 22:11 I don't want the bonus it says I can cancel it Cancel it
📷 Alina 22:11 In your case there is n chance to make refund We cannot cancel the bonus as you started to wager it
Rafael 22:12 o withdraw funds with an active bonus you must either cancel it or wager. If the bonus is canceled, the bonus and winnings by this bonus burns out. Bonus funds are counted towards wagering. I want to cancel it
📷 Alina 22:14 You can cancel the bonus if you did not start wagering it, or if there is a small amount of your bonus left It is not your case
Rafael 22:14 Were is that writen in the faq?
📷 Alina 22:15 This is a common practice
Rafael 22:15 Not it isn't Where is it writen on the FAQ? What number please
📷 Alina 22:15 I have explained you everything
Rafael 22:15 I want the number Read
📷 Alina 22:15 I have explained you everything
Rafael 22:16 Oh reddit is gonna love this
So yeah I'm Fucked, do you guys know any way to get my money back? I used my debit card :\
TL;DR : Tried to get easy money on casino using their bonus , found out I can't widraw anything because I have a bonus, and I have to use all my real money to use my bonus and now I'm poor...
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I tried to paddle out three times at Montara today and gave up. Feeling like a quitter.

This morning, some sets were easily head high to a little big more. They looked smaller from the highway, or else I would not have stopped. Short period. Impact zone was a bouncy, junky mess. I'd probably never been out in conditions like that before.
As I walked into the water, I had this out of body moment. My brain goes, "Churfychurf, what are you doing? Look at those waves. You're not ready for this." . But my body just kept walking forward.
My ego goes "Remember that day in December at the Jetty when it was head high and punchy af, but you turtle-rolled your heart out and made it outside? You even caught one of the best waves you ever have. But that won't be today - I mean, look at those overhead closeouts. Today, you just make it the fuck outside, you hear me?"
Nevermind that after I paddled back in that day, I looked out and realized I had no business being out there. Egos are assholes.
I hopped on the board, started paddling. It's bouncy af. I thought I was gonna make it over a wave, but a peak bounced up and I got tossed. I was a little unnerved that I didn't see that coming. Losing confidence by the second, I pivoted to catch the next whitewater in. I saw a fisherman on the beach and his buddies looking at me weird. I thought about the guy that drowned at Linda Mar last week.
I got out and stood on the beach feeling like a failure. Thinking about going home, and going back out, both with equal amounts of half-hearted conviction. Looked out. Waiting, not sure for what. A lull? Looked for a channel. Too kooky to find one. Saw a lull come. Waited too long. The lull passed. Overhead set rolls in. What am I still doing here?
I watched a guy on a shortboard catch a wave and try to paddle back out. 3 duck dives and no progress later, he decided he'd had his fill and caught the white water in.
Finally I saw what looks like the start of a lull. I started back out again. Ok, I think this is happening. Oh, lull's over, waves coming. Turtle rolled once. I think about the guy that drowned at Linda Mar. My body just pivots before my brain can say "No but-". I catch the next white water in.
More standing on the beach like a moron. Looking out, questioning if I'm basically no more kooky than I was on my first day surfing, almost 4 years ago now. I surf on average 3 times a week. I'm in great paddle shape. If I can't make it out today, what's even the point?
I watched a guy on a fish make it out. Took a while, but he did it.
I watched a guy on a Wavestorm make it out. What the FUCK. I can't stand for this.
I started back out again. I get lucky. Waves that should've broken in front of me flattened out just enough. I thought, shit, I'm gonna make it. I'm gonna make it outside. OUTSIDE IS RIGHT THERE. WAVESTORM GUY IS RIGHT THERE. I don't care if I catch nothing and just sit there for the next hour. I JUST WANT TO MAKE IT THE FUCK OUTSIDE. Overhead wave breaks up ahead, white water charging toward me. I turtle roll. Another one. I turtle roll. I GOT THIS, I AIN'T EVEN TIRED. Another one. Turtle roll. Another one. This time my board is wrenched out of my hands and I get dragged. I get back on and paddle. I start to feel the lactic acid in my triceps. I think about the guy that drowned at Linda Mar. I see another one coming. I turn around.
As I reach the stairs, I see that a lull has come. I keep watching at the top of the stairs. It's a long lull. Like, paddle out with dry hair kind of lull. It lingers for another few minutes. I'm dejected, like someone that was betting red on every hand on Roulette while the ball kept hitting black , and right after I pull my bet back it hits red. I drive away, thinking about all the times I've quit in my life when the going got tough, and this was just another.
Anyway, I'm not looking for a roasting. Just wanted to air out my profound sense of kookery.
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There is no valid "scientific" opinion on the existence of alien life

I actually love having conversations about aliens because it's a fun topic, but the amount of times I talk to people who adamantly believe their opinion has a mathematical or scientific basis is ridiculous. There is literally no statistical or scientific evidence either way until we actually know about how the formation of life occurs. It doesn't matter how big the universe is or how many planets identical to earth there are in the universe, etc. Either opinion is the equivalent of betting black or red on a roulette table you can't see, where you don't actually know if black or red are even colors on the table.
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Bovada Casino $50 No Deposit Bonus + 100 Free Spins Code

Bovada Casino $50 No Deposit Bonus + 100 Free Spins Code

Bovada Casino Free Play Games
Create your account at Bovada Casino Online and collect $50 Free No Deposit Bonus! Also, get 100 Free Spins on RIVAL slot machines! This is the best online casino in USA!
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Bovada Casino for mobile is designed with the modern gambler in mind – offering a wide range of betting options all in one place, including sports bets such as props, futures, in-play betting as well as casino games including slots, table games and live dealer.
With numerous games to choose from and generous bonuses and promotions along the way, you’ll definitely enjoy your gambling experience at Bovada Casino. With its easy, simple and user-friendly app and mobile casino, you can't go wrong.

Software and Range of Games

Bovada Casino offers a wide range of games available to all users including casino games, sports betting, poker and horse racing. This diverse range is powered by top software providers Realtime Gaming and Betsoft.
There are over 200 games in total and if you’re a slots lover – this casino is for you. You can choose from a variety of games such as 5 Reel Circus, A Switch in Time, and even 3D slots like Aztec Treasures, Black Gold, Cleopatra’s Gold, etc. A variety of blackjack variations are also present such as Double Deck, European, Single, and more. When it comes to table games, you will be pleased to know that all your favorites such as baccarat, poker, roulette, craps and video poker, bingo and keno are also available, although the choice is a little limited.
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Bovada Sports Betting

If you’re a sports fan, then you'll be spoilt for choice at Bovada Casino. You can bet on your favorite sports with ease, directly from your mobile device. Whether football, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis or golf – you can choose your game and bet instantly!

Bovada Casino Bonuses

The welcome bonus is an exceptional way to start your gambling experience at Bovada Casino. Currently, the casino welcome bonus totals a huge $3000. A 100% match bonus up to $1000 can be claimed with the code NEWWELCOME, which can be used three times to reach the maximum bonus of $3000. When meeting the wagering requirements, as is often the case, playing slots provides the highest contribution, and it is also advisable to check the full terms and conditions on the casino's own website or app.
The casino also offers other opportunities to bag bonuses, with promotions such as the Blackjack Weekends bonus offering a special bonus for playing blackjack on particular days. This bonus then arrives in your casino account at the weekend. It’s the ideal weekend treat! For you mobile users, Bovada Casino gives something extra. The casino rewards all new mobile players with a $10 bonus. It might not seem like much but every little helps.
In addition to the above, you can also get special bonuses for referring a friend to the casino. You can get a match of up to 200% of the first deposit that your friend makes. If you’re a loyal player, you can also benefit from the Red Room – a club specifically for VIPs and High Rollers. Expect extended rewards and exclusive promotions if you become a member of these clubs.
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Bovada Casino Banking

When it comes to banking, Bovada Casino for mobile is similar to its desktop version. Popular payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, checks and e-payments are all available to use on your mobile devices, although the choice of methods is more limited than at many other casinos.
When depositing, the minimum amount is $20 which is relatively low and suitable for all players. Bovada Casino has a reputation for delivering speedy payouts, especially for those using e-payments, and they offer their customers one free withdrawal every 90 days. From then on, each payment comes with a $100 charge. There is also a maximum withdrawal amount of $3,000. You’ll have to wait around a week until you see your winnings, which is standard for most online casinos, but with Bitcoin, you can receive them within minutes.

Security and Fair Play

Bovada Casino offers top-notch security levels and they guarantee a fair experience at their mobile casino. Encryption methods are present all over the casino site to protect personal data, and with the use of a random number generator, players can be sure that all games are fair. Every player has the same chance of winning and losing.
If you're in need of any assistance, we've found that the customer support team is always readily available. A live chat and a telephone number which is toll free for US players are provided, for you can get in touch immediately. You can also contact Bovada Casino’s professional team via email and they will get back to you in no time.
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Bovada Mobile Features

Besides offering a great desktop version, Bovada Casino offers an amazing experience on its mobile version. If you’re a gambler who enjoys playing their favorite games on the go, Bovada Casino is a great choice.
The quality of the games remains unhindered when using the casino on mobile. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Android device, Blackberry or Windows phone, you can access the casino anytime, anywhere.
You can either log in to the Bovada Casino site via your browser or download the dedicated Bovada Casino app. The app is simply a downloadable version of the casino that can be accessed immediately from your home screen. With the app, you will still have access to the latest sport betting options.


Bovada is definitely a casino to look out for amongst other mobile casinos. With its vast range of games and sports betting options for mobile users, it offers something for everyone. Whether you prefer to download an app or play instantly via a browser, you'll find that this casino runs just as smoothly on mobile devices as it does on desktop.
Bonuses and promotions are available for all players and there are even special bonuses for mobile players, which is always a plus. Safety and security with payment methods never falters and you can be sure that all of your personal details are always protected.
If you’re a player who loves to gamble on the go, then the Bovada Casino app is perfect for you.
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Guide: How I finished Huuuge Casino Level 200 (Rev Uni, 6000 SB) in just 3 days

3 days ago, Revenue Universe had their double campaign and Huuuge Casino worth jumped from 3000 to 6000. It may have been higher on other sites or wall, but this was the first time I saw it this high. I actually failed this offer a month back on IOS for 5200 because I ran out of chips at around level 49 and just decided to quit. I decided to bite the bullet on this one, despite my failure, and decided to retry it (this time on Android). To my surprise, 3 days later, I was able to reach level 200. I have also included tips at the bottom of page for anyone who just want to know stuff like how to not run out of chips, when to use your lottery tickets, how much to bet, etc.
IMPORTANT EDIT: This is unconfirmed because I haven't checked on it but according to a few users, Huuuge Casino and other similar casino games have a small safeguard secret prize before level 50 that grants you chips during some level ups when you are under 20 million so it is almost impossible to lose all your chips. That way, you can max bet all the way to level 50 and if you are lucky, you may end up with a few hundred million of chips by then (again I haven't confirmed this yet, but I'm currently doing the Billionaire Casino offer (which is literally a carbon copy of Huuge Casino and vice versa in terms of slot machine, layout, etc) and this seems to be a thing. In terms of the hundred of millions of chips part, that is all dependent on Jackpot luck so take that part with a grain of salt).

Some stats

Time it took me 62 hours. If you did the simple math, that means of the 3 days I used to finish this offer. my android phone was on most of the time. The only time my phone wasn't on was during the last few hours when I was asleep because it turned off while I was spinning on Huuuge Diamond since I didn't want the offer to credit in the middle of the night. However, there is a catch. I used an auto clicker and bought the chips necessary to complete the offer. My phone didn't get all that hot during the 62 hours it was on, but just in case, if you are going to be like me and keep a phone on for 62 hours straight, be sure the phone is lying on something cool like a fan so the phone doesn't overheat.
Other apps used Yes, I used an auto clicker. Otherwise, it would've taken a lot longer, more attention, and mind-numbingly frustrating. More info about that down below. For the autoclicker, I just downloaded the one that was the first result off of the play store. It was very simple too use.
Amount of chips used Overall, I had about maybe 1.5-1.6 billion chips in total and used about 1-1.1 billion chips to get to level 200. I don't know if I was lucky or not, so this number can be lower or higher depending on luck but if you buy the 6.99 or 9.99 chip pack, there won't be much of a problem.
How much money spent I spent on the 9.99 beginners pack that gave 1.3 billion chips, making for a 50 dollar profit. According to other posts I've seen, there seems to be a 6.99 pack you can get once you hit level 100 which should be enough chips to get to 200, but I never received the deal for some reason and I didn't seem to be the only one. Was it worth it? If you are impatient like me, using 10 dollars instead of spending days grinding out 1 billion chips sounds worth it in my book. However, for those who do not want to spend money, this offer can still be easily completed without spending money. Just be prepared to grind out a little over a billion chips.

My Level Breakdown

Here's a breakdown of what I did, but if you've read other posts regarding Huuuge Casino, this is mainly going to be repeat information.
Level 1-50 (Or when you have 100-125 million chips): Huuuge Diamond slot.
EDIT: This section maybe obsolete if the secret prize is a confirmed feature. If that is the case, just max bet to level 50, but the amount of chips you will receive will vary. If you want to stay safe, then just 10k bet. In exchange for time, you'll have a more stable end outcome.
This is where I spent my time for the first 50 levels. As to the reason why, on Huuuge Diamond, you can auto spin indefinitely. Nothing will stop the autospin, not even the level up notifications or the charm packs they give you every stupid milestone level up. I realized this when I forgot to check my phone after 6 hours and it was still going at it, so I left it over night and in the morning, it was still spinning. I would say it took me 30 hours or so to get to level 50 (just my estimate since I wasn't really diligently timing everything)
To the people who already finished this offer, they may be wondering "why 50 and not 65? 65 is when the Singapore Roulette opens up." The answer to that was because when I hit level 50, I had about 143 million chips (how I got this much will be explained in the tips, but it's honestly really simple. I never went over a 10k bid) and xp from slots is extremely slow. That's why once you hit maybe 125 million chips or so, it is good to switch to the Melbourne Roulette. By the way, SAVE YOUR TICKETS UNTIL YOU REACH LEVEL 100. According to another post I read, the rewards from the lottery is increased once you hit level 100 so it's best to save your lottery tickets until then.
Level 50-65: Melbourne roulette. Go to the roulette menu and hold down on the Melbourne roulette to start a private room. Bet half on red and half on black. That way, you will only lose if it hits the only 2 greens on the roulette. The max bid here is 1 million, so with over 100 million chips, you shouldn't be hurting for chips. This part, unlike the slots, should go by like it's nothing (I don't remember how long, but probably 1-3 hours). This was also around the time I started using the auto clicker because it will become tedious to tap on re-bet and ready every 5 seconds. With the autoclicker, for these 15 or so levels, you don't have to pay ANY attention if you don't want to. But once you reach level 65, it's time to move onto the final step.
Level 65-200: Singapore roulette. Around this time, I lost maybe 10 million chips from 50-65, so I was down to 133-134 million. Over here, max bet is 10 million, so put 5 million on red and 5 million on black. This was enough to get me to level 120 surprisingly, but at level 100, I started spinning in the lottery so I received more chips there and a 24 hour 2x experience bonus so that should also be taken into account (I also had a small unlucky streak where it green 2 times in a row a couple of times within 7 or spins so that was frustrating...). At level 120, I spent 9.99 to buy a pack that had 1.3 billion chips in. For those who do not want to spend money, this is where the grind begins for 1 billion chips.
Earlier on in these levels, it will be easier to level up and it will take longer to level up as you go higher, but honestly, it isn't that bad until it level 190. I don't know if it was just me, but level 190 to 200 felt waaaaay longer than level 180-190. For those of you curious, from level 199 to level 200, it took around 22-25 minute. In terms of leftover chips, I had 680 million left.


Join a good club! For those of you who don't want to spend money and for those who do, this is one of the most important rules as you can get a lot of free chips easily from your club members jackpots. I was able to get maybe 60 million or more just from collecting off the club wall because my club was fairly active. While searching for a club, filter your search options to Club level 20, anyone can join, and club members between 90-100. Even if there is only 10-15 members active in the club out of 100, that is still a good club to be a part in.
Do not use your tickets until you reach level 100. Your winnings from lottery will increase once you hit level 100. After using your tickets, you will most likely get a 2x exp bonus as one of your rewards. Use this time well (From level 100-200, I got 3 2x exp bonuses. With all the lottery tickets accumulated up till this point, you\re bound to get at least 1).
Probably obvious, but do not bet more than 10k on Huuuge Diamond. I can not stress this enough. The reason why I lost all my chips the first time I did this offer was because I was cocky and kept winning big with 50-100k bids, but that soon went down the gutter the higher level I got. Bet low, win high.
My slot machine of choice was Huuuge Diamond, but I think, honestly, any machine with a 10k bid can work, but I am not sure on this. I think this is also a good one to grind chips. I think the max jackpot, if you don't get the main jackpot on the top of the screen, is 1.6 million with a 10k bid, so it is still respectable. If anyone else knows of a better machine to grind on, please let us all know.
This website gives you free chips if redeemed on the device you are playing Huuuge Casino on. I honestly did not need to use this site as the chips I bought were enough and the site lags my already super slow phone so it was a hassle to click on the reward, open the app to claim, and switch back.
I may have forgotten to add some things, so if anything comes up, I'll be sure to update. This was meant to give people a sort of guideline to an offer that I have seen given some people frustration (me included because this is the second time I did it, first time being unsuccessful). Once I hit 200, I was instantly credited with no pending. For those willing to spend for the $6.99 or $9.99 pack, this offer can be completed between 60-70 hours, give or take. For those who do not want to spend money, I would say to double the expected time, but finishing in 2 weeks is still doable. Good luck everyone and I hope this guide lightens a bit off your shoulders.
P.S. Sorry for the long guide. I talk a lot lol
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Tips for Huuuge Casino Slots

Here are some tips for those who are are working on Huuuge Casino. The tips also apply to Billionaire Casino.

  1. Make sure to get Free chips (ex. site)
  2. Join a club that is atleast level 20 that completes daily events.
    1. You can use the Advanced Search to specify level. I would also recommend increasing the member size too.
    2. Collect Free chips from the Club Wall as they become available
  3. While playing slots, send Likes and Connect with others as new players show up.
    1. This will increase how many Daily Chips you get (max 100 likes, max 25 friends)
    2. You can also bulk send Connect requests to all members of your Club once you join one
  4. Collect Free chips from the Shop
    1. Lower right corner, on timer
  5. Collect Free chips from Betty Bonus
    1. Lower left corner of lobby, on timer
  6. Collect and save your lottery tickets until atleast level 100
    1. The lottery prizes increase once you hit level 100. ( u/JefeTomas12 )
    2. You should always see a timer going on the lottery button for earning another lottery ticket. If you don't, enter the lottery area and then exit to get the timer going again.
  7. Use Baccarat or Roulette to grind
    1. It is usually recommended to reach level 65 before doing baccarat or roulette because that is when the 10M betting table opened up. Even before 65 I would use the these to get the most out of my 5min x2 XP boosts.
    2. Always start a private room. To do this, go to the menu with the roulette table options. Hold your finger on a table and a pop up will appear with an option of creating a private table. This will significantly speed things up as you wont have to wait for other players to bet!
    3. Baccarat has slightly better odds at keeping your money for longer, however I felt that it was much slower per game even with a private room. It also looks like baccarat gives less XP per 10M bet then Roulette, but I did not verify the exact amount. I estimated almost hafl. I would recommended Roulette during x2 XP if you have the chip cushion at the very least.
      1. Baccarat = (.458 banker win odds * .975) + (.446 player win odds * 1) + (.096 tie odds * 1) = .989 average percentage of bet won
      2. Roulette = (.947 red or black win odds * 1) + (.053 0 or 00 win odds * 00 = .947 average percentage of bet won
    4. For roulette:
      1. Choose your total bet amount and place 1/2 on Red and 1/2 on Black. You will have a high probability of getting your money back with this method to allow for longer grinding. You will only lose if the wheel hits 0 or 00.
    5. For baccarat:
      1. Choose your total bet amount and place 1/2 on Player and 1/2 on Bank. You will have a high probability of getting all your money back with this method to allow for longer grinding. You will only lose a small amount of money in the case of the Bank winning (250,000 on a 10M total bet).
  8. ALWAYS utilize x2 XP power ups, even at lower levels
    1. This is the time to add a bit of risk for a higher reward, especially when betting on roulette where the risk is far less. Max out betting on roulette as much as you can, its worth it, especially if it means you level up and get the next level's rewards.
    2. From u/Greenoverzz: If you have x2 XP for 5 minute, click the spin button instead of auto as it tends to be faster
    3. You can get x2 XP for 24 hours from the lottery wheel, which is the best reward by far ( u/JefeTomas12 )
    4. From levels 1-80, you will receive a 5 minute x2 XP boost every 5 levels. Starting at level 81, you will receive a 5 minute x2 XP boost every level. It is good to plan for this. If you have the chips for it, you can use that x2 XP boost plus betting 10M on roulette to shoot you from 81 to approximately 125 without running out of XP boost.
If you're looking at a level 200 offer from Huuuge Casino, it is really difficult even with the above tips to complete in 7 days. It might be possible in a 14+ day window. Obviously you can make it easier by spending a little money, but I don't like making tip guides based on spending money. That's probably just me.
If you do want to spend money, your first purchase is discounted so make it count! u/TheOofsterInTF2 commented that once you reach level 100 or so, you will get a $8.99 800+ million chip pack offer. If you are interested in getting this pack, remember to not make any other purchases before this. They reached level 200 in 6 days (see their post here). They also commented they had to grind 15+ min per level towards the end, which is really mind numbing to me. If you want to spend less, there should be a $1.99 option with a couple million chips and a lot of bronze tickets ( u/JefeTomas12 ). The tickets can help complete the bronze puzzle or score you that x2 24hr XP boost!
Enjoy and Good Luck!
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The most popular bets on the roulette table are Red and Black, this is especially the case in online casinos. Our list of roulette strategies is quite long so what we’re going to do here is list all of the different systems that are aimed towards Red and Black betting. It’s important to remember that Red and Black have exactly the same odds as Odd/Even and 1-18/19-36 so all of these ... This article focus on a roulette red / black strategy that is better suited to the average player. There are proven winning roulette systems revealed on this website. But before betting with this strategy, learn why most players lose and learn what happens when you use a roulette betting progression. Win roulette with red black bets By betting on red of black, however, every player increases their chances of winning to the highest possibility, since it’s the closest to 50%. While betting on red or black does have the highest chances of wins, it also has the lowest pay-outs that winning with roulette offers: 1 to 1. Even Money Betting System. Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low — these are even money bets. At the very beginning of the game, the probability that the ball will stop on a red or black section is 18/37, 0.486. The probability that the zero wins is 1/37, 0.027. If Black wins, then the Red winning odds are increased like 19/37 = 0.736. There are many red and black systems roulette success stories to be found under the specific betting systems articles. Generally speaking, this is a beginner’s roulette strategy though. Its simplicity and flexibility make it a great introduction to roulette.

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